NexGenPro provides support, guidance and ready-to-use resources for everyone supporting the next generation of Christians in a church or group context. Subscribe today or find out more below. NexGenPro is split into two sections - Resources and our Premier YCW magazine online hub. Find out more below. 

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We have a growing range of resources to help you lead sessions with children and youth. We cover sessions across a wide range of ages and we also provide series on relevant topics. 

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Our monthly magazine, YCW, covers many topics that will help you lead better, connect you with what’s new in the world of children’s, youth and family ministry and recharge your own faith.

Devotionals / Leadership / Bible Studies / Real life / Interviews and much more. 

Magazine Features


​A week in the life of Amy Heyes

In 2003, amid AS Levels with her university options set, there was a prayer Amy Heyes knew she needed to speak out: “God, if this isn’t what I should be doing next…let me know.” God answered and, in the summer of 2005, she landed at UDB (Urban Devotion Birmingham). She tells us what a typical week looks like, many years on from that moment.


We have over 3,000 articles. Use our advanced search facility to find the help you want. Search by name, topic or theme and check out the host of resources we have available.

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