Jesus the healer, teacher, miracle-worker and storyteller

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Each month we provide you with some great ready to use (RTU) resources. Some of these are linked to the Bible passages used in Together, while our Music and Movie columns use current songs and films as ways into talking about faith.

You can access each month’s session plans and resources here.

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Our Together resource is, as always, jam-packed full of ideas and activities to help the children and young people in your groups discover more about God, grow in faith and deepen their friendship with Jesus.


Together is a curriculum resource for churches to use in their Sunday groups, midweek clubs or adapt for other contexts. It follows a Bible plan – each month you get four sessions on a theme or Bible book. For example, in September we started the new academic year right at the beginning of the Bible, exploring the beginnings of God’s beautiful world and how he made a promise with Abraham. In October, we discover more about who Jesus is, meeting Jesus the healer, Jesus the teacher, Jesus the miracle-worker and Jesus the storyteller. These stories from Luke’s Gospel are a rich space where children and young people can meet with him face to face:


1. Jesus heals (Luke 5:17–26)

Jesus not only heals a man who cannot walk, but forgives his sins too. What does this tell us about who Jesus is?


2. Jesus teaches (Luke 6:27–36)

Jesus turns the world upside down as he calls God’s people to love those whom they don’t like, and who don’t like them. This is God’s kingdom!


3. Jesus performs miracles (Luke 8:22–25)

Jesus shows his power over creation by calming a storm on Lake Galilee, leaving the disciples asking the question: who is Jesus?


4. Jesus tells stories (Genesis 37,39-47)

Jesus tells the story of the lost son – one of his most famous parables – but again, it turns people’s expectations upside down as the son who was once lost is now found.


There are three different age groups: First Steps Together (for younger children), Growing Together (for older children) and Journeying Together (for young people). You can follow an individual age group or mix and match to suit the children or young people you’re working with.



Together focused

RTU All-age service

Explores the story of the man lowered down through the roof (Luke 5:17–26).


RTU Parable

Takes Jesus’ teaching on loving your enemies (Luke 6:27–36) and places it in a feud between the rugby lads and the musical theatre tribe in the parable ‘Ryan and the rugby retaliation’.


RTU Journal 

Gives space for older children and younger teens to explore loving your enemies (Luke 6:27–36) and discover the impact of this upside-down teaching on their lives.


RTU Craft 

Provides a craft idea to go alongside each of this month’s Together sessions. Use them in your groups, in intergenerational worship or use them in a craft club.
Get the craft here.


Story for home 

Written especially for us by expert storyteller Bob Hartman, also follows the Together passages. This month, Bob explores Jesus’ teaching on walking the extra mile, turning the other cheek and giving the shirt on your back.



General resources

RTU Games 

As Halloween is approaching, here are some light-themed games.


RTU Mentoring 

Our mentoring expert, Joel Toombs, takes us right back to basics with some of the fundamental rules of mentoring (and parenting).


RTU Music 

We’re listening to some of Her Majesty the Queen’s favourite songs, as well as thinking about what our favourites might be.


RTU Movie 

We venture into the world of ‘movie-adjacent TV’ this month. That is TV series that are produced with the same values as movies. It’s the turn of ethics of The Good Place to be put under the microscope.


And if you have anything you’d like us to cover, or any feedback on the resources, then drop us a line!


Supporting documents

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