Bob Hartman believes that children today are not so different from those in Jesus’ time

Waiting for Jesus_v1

I am sooooo bored.

We’ve been standing here for absolute age.

My mum says that Jesus is going to pray for us. And ask God to take care of us. Which is okay, I guess. But between you and me, I’d be happy if he just asked God to make the queue go faster.

My name’s Sara, by the way. And there’s my mum. And there’s my dad. And the kid shoving dirt in his mouth? That’s my baby brother, Sam.

What? No, eating dirt doesn’t seem to bother him. He even ate a worm, once. No biggy. At least he’s got something to do.

Me, I ran out of things to do, a long time ago. I skipped around for a while. I did some cartwheels. And some handstands.

I pretended to be a chicken. And a dog. And a monkey. Then my dad told me to behave. So I just sat there for a while and dreamed about what it would be like to be a chicken. And a dog. And a monkey.

And when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I jumped up and down and shouted, “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG!!!”

And everybody stared at me. And started whispering. And my dad told me off again. And then you came by.

What’s that? There’s somebody coming? A bunch of somebodies? ’Scuse me. I think I’ll go and have a look.


Well, I’m back. And I can’t believe it! This somebodies were Jesus friends. And they were so RUUUUUDE!

“Jesus is a very busy man.” They said.

“Jesus doesn’t have time for kids.” They said.

“So clear off!” They said.

All mean and snotty like.


Hey, wait a minute, there’s Jesus. And, did you hear that? He’s telling his disciples off.

“Children are just as important as grown ups,” Jesus says

“They trust their parents”, he says.

“And that’s exactly how I want everyone to trust me.

So get out of the way, and let the children come to me.”

Did you hear that? Jesus really wants to see us.

So here I go!


What was it like? It was brilliant. That’s what it was.

Jesus talked to us. Then he put his hands on our heads and prayed for us. And when he was finished, Sam climbed up on his lap and gave him a big muddy kiss. Jesus didn’t mind, or anything. He gave Sam a big hug and everyone said “AWWWW!”.

So thanks for hanging out with me. You made waiting a lot more fun.

And, yeah, you can go and talk to Jesus, if you want. I’m pretty sure he’d like to meet you, too!