Our resources calendar

Below is an overview of the resouces you can expect from Sept 23 to Aug 24. All resources will be avaiable on our resources page. 

MonthThemeOneTwoThreeFourAll age
September Who is Jesus? Jesus starts it all Jesus meets Levi Jesus calms the water Jesus feeds the crowd Jesus starts it all
    Mark 1:1-15 Mark 2:13-17 Mark 4:35-41 Mark 6:30-44 Mark 1:1-15
October Kingdom Judges to Samuel David and Goliath David is king Solomon Samuel’s responds to God
    Judges (sel); 1 Samuel  1 Samuel 17 2 Samuel 5,6 or 7 1 Kings 3 1 Samuel 3
November People Jesus  The fishermen Simon the Pharisee The rich man Zacchaeus The fisherman
  met Luke 5:1–11 Luke 7:36–50 Luke 18:18–30 Luke 19:1–10 Luke 5:1–11
December Unwrapping  Mary and Joseph Shepherds Wise men Herod Christmas
  Christmas Matthew 1,2; Luke 1,2 Luke 2:8–20 Matthew 2:1–12 Matthew 2:1-8,16-18 Matthew 1,2; Luke 1,2
January Exile Elijah, Ahab and Jezebel Exile In Babylon Return Elijah and the prophets of Baal
    1 Kings 17,18 Jeremiah 36 Daniel 1 Nehemiah 1,2 1 Kings 18
February Parables The good Samaritan The banquet The sower The lost son The good Samaritan
    Luke 10:25-37 Luke 14:15-24 Matthew 13:1-9 Luke 15:11-32 Luke 10:25-37
March Easter Palm Sunday Last supper Good Friday Easter Sunday Easter Sunday
  from Luke Luke 19:28–44 Luke 22:7–23 Luke 22:47 – 23:56 Luke 24:1–12 Luke 24:1–12
April Prophets Isaiah Jeremiah Micah Jonah Isaiah
    Isaiah 6:1–8 (JT also 9–13) Jeremiah 1:1–10 Micah 4 Jonah 1–4 Isaiah 6
May Pictures from  The body of the church The fruit of the Spirit The armour of God The power of the tongue The body of the church
  letters 1 Corinthians 12:12–31 Galatians 5:22–26 Ephesians 6:10–20 James 3:1–12 1 Corinthians 12:12–31
June Bullying Joseph and his brothers Hannah and Peninah David and the good shepherd Revenge and love Joseph and his brothers
    Genesis 37 1 Samuel 1 Psalm 23 Matthew 5:38-48 Genesis 37
July Who is Jesus? Bread of life Light of the world Good shepherd True vine Bread of life
    John 6:1–15,22–59 John 8:12–20 John 10:1–21 John 15:1–17 John 6:1–15,22–59
August Easter from Mark          
Summer events NEW MATERIAL Children’s event Youth event Family event Church family event  
Selected RTUs   RTU Craft RTU parable RTU Journal Story for home