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    Ready to use resources: October ’22


    Jesus the healer, teacher, miracle-worker and storyteller

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    Do you have enemies?


    Use this story as part of a God-time at home, or as a bedtime story. It can also be used alongside this month’s Together sessions.

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    The importance of good religious education


    I have long been passionate about the need for schools to have good religious education (RE) lessons. It’s essential for the way we live today that children know and understand about the religions of the world, with a particular emphasis on those faiths that are represented in their communities.

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    The person is more important than the job


    Toolbox: leading and managing volunteers and staff


    Let’s not forget the lost sheep!


    According to the 21st Century Evangelicals survey undertaken by the Evangelical Alliance, 54 percent of the present UK Church cited growing up in a Christian home as the primary reason they are in church today. That’s why faith in the home is a significant factor in future church attendance.

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    To baptise or not baptise – is that the question?


    Do you believe in infant baptism or believers’ baptism? Do you even know the language and why it matters? If you are part of a local church which practises one or the other, or indeed neither, then knowing where the church stands and what you think about it will be important, especially if you are a youth or children’s worker who grew up in a different tradition. Gareth Crispin knows both worlds well and draws out what it’s about, why it matters and asks some significant questions.

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    Hosting church youth activities in your home


    Each month, the safeguarding experts at thirtyone:eight help us to keep those in our care safe, as well as our policies and procedures sound.

  • Growing Together

    Praying for our local schools


    Pete Baker believes praying for schools and ministry in and around schools is a vital part of reaching the many children and young people who don’t know God.

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    The life of a friend of Jesus


    “I know just how much I rely on my faith to guide me through the good times and the bad. Each day is a new beginning. I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do what is right, to take the ...

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    Church and monarchy made simple


    It’s just possible that your inquisitive children and young people will ask you questions about the monarchy, with all the news coverage of the Queen’s passing and the new king. Andy Peck provides an ‘explainer’ so you are not caught on the hop.

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    The neurodiverse


    Every child and young person needs support to help them learn or engage with activities. Some need additional or different support from those of the same age to ensure that everyone benefits from all they participate in. We want to address some of the important questions around these needs. Welcome to ‘All inclusive’.

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    Rapper Eminem praises Jesus in new song


    Award-winning artist Eminem has praised Jesus in his new song, sparking a social-media discussion about his personal faith.

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    Headteacher apologises for mass baptism


    A private Christian school in North Carolina has apologised after carrying out more than 100 baptisms with middle and high school students without the permission of parents or guardians.

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    New Barbie dolls with hearing aids welcomed


    A Christian primary school teacher has welcomed a newly launched Barbie doll with a hearing aid.

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    Headteacher invokes UN convention to stop worship music in school


    A headteacher attempted to invoke a UN convention to avoid singing Christian hymns at a religiously diverse infant school, but was rejected.

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    Welsh churches help with school uniforms


    As the new school year gets underway and the cost-of-living crisis puts pressure on families’ finances, churches and communities in the Diocese of Llandaff have set up projects to make school uniforms affordable for all.

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    Recharge is a Bible study just for you, to nurture your own relationship with God. So, before you even look at the rest of the magazine, take some time out to focus on him. Grab a coffee, sit, breathe and read.

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    Creation, Noah, Abraham and Joseph


    Creation, Noah, Abraham and Joseph

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    Ready to use resources

    Exploring the beginnings of the world and God’s promise to Abraham

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    Twelve-week Advent prep

    Autumn is sweeping around again, with the new school year and the leaves turning gold. I wonder if you have ever thought, ‘Maybe I should plan Advent early this year?’