In recent years there has been an explosion in music genres, and young people are listening to more diverse music than ever before. Yet we shy away from music genres where the gospel can be heard.

I think the Church often doesn't want to move forward with change. Christians that are in positions to make changes don't seem to want to make room for new genres, or support those doing something for God, unless they approve it in their own mind set. Why? Fear? Ignorance? Lethargy? Whatever the reason, this needs to stop.

Hip hop, for example, is in the culture all around us. It is consistently one of the most popular genres according to Billboard. Key members of the hip hop and R n’ B scene – Eminem, Kanye West, Drake and Nicki Minaj – have become household names for our young people.

The Church predominantly avoiding it seems crazy, as they could be embracing it as a ministry tool and bringing more people to know Jesus through it.

Churches need to stay authentic to their identity, and should not imitate parts of society they are not comfortable with. However, we have to be open to continually change the way we deliver the gospel so that it can stay relevant for the culture around us. We have to step outside and see the cultures in the areas we live and figure out how they can make Jesus more relevant.

Churches not only need to speak directly into these subcultures, they also need to support Christians who are doing so.

The 70x7 ministry is founded on the power of evangelism through culturally relevant music and the integrity of the ministry is based upon Jesus’ love and direct command to go and deliver the message of freedom and help people recognise their true worth and to be delivered from their sin.

The ministry runs as a music and clothing company from which there are different areas. 70x7 sell Christ-relevant clothing to reach into this subculture. We support and promote UK and US musicians and we put on free music events to showcase Jesus in a culturally relevant way. To find out more, visit our website.

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