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ARTIST: Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man SUITABLE FOR: Over-13s



Young people often face deeply challenging situations, which can weigh heavily on them. This session explores how God lifts us up above our struggles so that we can experience true freedom in him.

Begin the session by asking the group if anyone has a £2 coin with them. Ask the young people to read what it says on the rim. Explain that “Standing on the shoulders of giants” is a phrase used by Sir Isaac Newton to acknowledge all those who had gone before him.

Discuss as a group:


  • Who are the ‘giants’ in your life?
  • Whose shoulders are you standing on?
  • Who could you be a giant for?



Play the track, providing copies of the lyrics. As a group, discuss:


  • What do you notice first from this song?
  • Can you relate to any of these sentiments?
  • Who is supporting who in this song?
  • Does this challenge or encourage you? Why?


Distribute Bibles and look at Isaiah 40. Read the whole chapter or focus on verses 27-31, perhaps keeping the chapter open as you discuss the following questions and referring back to any key verses, as appropriate:


  • How does this passage relate to the lyrics of the song?
  • What would God say to the singer?
  • What does he say to us here?


Allow the young people to continue the discussion with reference to the things that resonate with them from this song, perhaps thinking about friends they support or their own need to be lifted up.

Ask them to think about what it means for God to give us strength when we are weary. You could share a story of a specific time when you felt God lifting you up and then invite the young people to share their own stories.

As you draw the discussions to a close, invite them to pray together for specific challenges they are facing–things that are hold- ing them down. Where would they like to experience God’s strength   in their lives? Pray for individuals or together as a group, whichever    is best for your group.

Play the song again, this time inviting the group to use it as a response to the reading, declaring themselves free as they are lifted up in God’s strength.

As you draw the session to a close, encourage the young people that they can leave as giants, soaring on eagles’ wings. God doesn’t promise that our problems will go away, but he does promise to lift us up and carry us through.

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