resource covers - younger children (12)

Our Together resource is, as always, jam-packed full of ideas and activities to help the children and young people in your groups discover more about God, grow in faith and deepen their friendship with Jesus.

Together is a curriculum resource for churches to use in their Sunday groups, midweek clubs or adapt for other contexts. It follows a Bible plan – each month you get four sessions on a theme or Bible book.

In July, we encounter four parables of Jesus, each looking at what the kingdom of heaven is like. Each one confounds our expectations about what is important!

1. The treasure and the pearl (Matthew 13:44-46):

A man find treasure in a field, another finds the best pearl. Both sell everything they have to buy what they desire.

2. The unforgiving servant (Matthew 18:21-35):

A servant is let off a huge debt by the king, but then in turn insists that someone who owes him a small amount pays him back.

3. The workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16):

A farmer hires workers throughout the day and pays them all the same wage. 

4. The talents (Matthew 25:14-30): 

Three servants are entrusted with their master’s money, but not all of them make good use of it.

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