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ARTIST: Stormzy 




Following his appearance at Glastonbury this summer, Stormzy has gained even more attention and perhaps also a wider fanbase! This song explores some of the issues associated with this attention,   for example what it means to be placed on a pedestal and carrying  a burden of responsibility. It explores how each of us can be a role 

model to others through our words and actions. Note to leaders: this track contains some expletives. 

Begin the session by asking the group to think about some of the people they look up to. Who would be on their list? What makes a good role model? Encourage the young people to talk a little about what causes them to look up to others and what they look for in a role model. 



Play the track, providing copies of the lyrics for the young people to follow. As a group, discuss: 


  • What is the first thing you notice about this song? 
  • Can you relate to any of these comments? 
  • What would you say to Stormzy in response? What advice would you give? 


Distribute Bibles and ask the group to read 1 Timothy 4:12 aloud together. As a group, discuss: 


  • Would you like the opportunity to share this verse with Stormzy? 
  • What might this verse mean to him in his circumstances? 
  • Where can you see Stormzy living this out? Where do you think he could be challenged over this? 
  • What does it mean to you in your situation? 
  • What would it mean for you to put this advice into action? What might need to change? 


Explain to the group that this verse is both an encouragement and a challenge for all of us. It is not just for those like Stormzy, who find themselves thrown into the limelight and have to live up to other people’s expectations of what they should be and how they 

should behave; it is up to all of us to live our lives as role models for others. It is easy to look at someone like Stormzy in the public eye and point out all the things that we think he is doing wrong, but it is much more challenging for us to think about ourselves and put this teaching into action so that we act as examples to others. 

Invite the young people to share some of the situations they have found themselves in where they can be a role model or a  good example to others. What do they find particularly challenging 

about this? What encourages them to do it well? How can the group members support one another in this? 

As you draw to a close, take some time to pray that each of the young people would be able to be an example to others. Remind them that we may not all get to perform on stage at Glastonbury but that we all have different spheres in which we can be positive role models. 

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