This is one of the tracks from the Frozen sequel. It may not be the earworm that ‘Let it go’ was, but it is a feel-good catchy number nonetheless. This track has a sense of foreboding about it, as the characters are about to discover that everything in their lives will change around them. For the children in our care, change is an ever-present reality as they grow and develop and life changes around them. This session provides a space where children can explore how to best handle some of those changes, and how God is the constant presence in our lives who will never change.

Before the session, ask your leaders to provide a baby photo of themselves. Gather these together on display. As you begin the session, ask the children to try to identify who is in each of the photographs. If you wish, you could set this up as a competition and award a small prize to the player who correctly identifies the most people.

Explain to the group that during this session, we will be thinking about how in our lives we experience many changes; none of us look much like we did when we were babies! You could have a brief discussion at this stage about some of the changes the children have experienced recently, as you set the scene for this session.


Listen and discuss

You could check who has seen the film as you introduce the song. Play the track, distributing copies of the lyrics if needed, and inviting the children to listen or sing along. Invite the children to discuss the following questions:

•Why do you think the characters sing these lyrics?

•Can you relate to how they feel? Why?

•What things stay the same for these characters? How about for you?

•How well prepared do you think they are for things changing in their lives?

•How well do you think you cope with change?

•What things help you to cope with change?


Allow plenty of time to discuss some of these questions, particularly focusing on how the children cope with change and what helps them to do so. Spend some time sharing your own experiences of coping with change and what helps you, keeping the advice practical and helpful to the children in the group.

Provide a Bible and ask someone to read Hebrews 13:8 and help to unpack how Jesus remains unchanging. In the song, Olaf and Anna sang about how they were holding on to each other in the midst of change, being constant and firm in their friendship to one another. What does it mean for us to hold on to Jesus as a firm foundation, in the midst of change which may surround us? As you draw to a close, pray for the children in your group, and particularly for any changes they may be experiencing at this time.

Supporting documents

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