Prominent British rapper Stormzy has praised and thanked God in a speech at the University of Exeter, after receiving an honorary degree in a “full circle moment”.


The 28-year-old was given the award for outstanding achievement in the field of higher education, philanthropy and widening participation.

The grime star told the graduates: “God has a funny way bringing you to exactly where you were meant to end up.

“So to God be the glory and God bless you all. Thank you very much.”

This wasn’t the only biblical reference in his speech – the singer wasn’t afraid to reference his faith multiple times:

“I used to reject the honours and applause for something that I genuinely believe is just a part of my purpose and my covenant with God. The famous analogy I’ve always likened it to is just one of your mates popping to the shop and grabbing a couple of crisps and a few bottles of Lucozade for all the boys.

“Of course, it’s a kind gesture but it doesn’t deserve a song and a dance, because that’s just what you do for your loved ones.”

The honouree continued by referencing John 15:

“I’ve been so richly blessed by God, and I don’t just mean financially. I mean with love and life and family and joy and peace and with purpose. So, to put it simply, I’ve beared fruit and shared fruit; and without sounding too fantastical, that’s just what we’re meant to do.

“Some of our destinies will be to save just one life. Some of us are destined to build nations and build schools. Some of us will focus on raising our families and those closest to us. Some of us will help our local community or the neighbours next door. Some of us will help a friend.

“My point being that we should always share and support and uplift and help in whatever capacity we are able to.

“All these different sizes and all levels of being a helping hand are all beautiful…I pray these words of encouragement will help you become who you are meant to be, and to share some fruit once you bear some.”