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You might think that Easter is all about eggs. 

Hunting for hidden and hard-boiled eggs. 

But Easter is less about looking for eggs, 

Than looking for something else. 

It starts with some women, bound for a tomb. 

Jesus was dead, and armed with perfume, 

They went before dawn, in the deep morning gloom 

To anoint their friend’s body with spices. 

But when they arrived, the body was gone! 

The tomb had been opened, somehow, by someone. 

But opened by whom? And why was it done? 

And where was his body now? 

You might think that Easter is all about bunnies. 

Bunnies are quick. I really like bunnies. 

But Easter is less about quick little bunnies. 

Than something much quicker, by far! 

For, quicker than bunnies, two angels appeared 

And dazzled the women, then said: “Do not fear. 

Jesus is back! He’s alive! He’s not here. 

Now go tell his friends what you’ve seen.” 

So, quicker than bunnies, the women ran off. 

They told Jesus’ friends. But some of them laughed. 

So, Peter ran back to see for himself 

And believed what the women said. 

You might think that Easter is all about spring. 

Things springing to life, once again, in the spring. 

But Easter is less about new life in spring 

Than springing to life for ever! 

For when Jesus rose, he had a new body, 

A living-for-ever, whatever, new body, 

A not-dying-ever and clever new body, 

That surprised every one of his friends. 

He walked in the room, though the door had been locked. 

“It’s a ghost,” his friends whispered, frightened and shocked. 

“Touch my hands, then,” said Jesus. “Feel the nail marks. 

It’s me, and I’m really here!” 

You might think that Easter is all about chocolate. 

Chocolate’s amazing. I love to eat chocolate. 

But Easter is so much sweeter than chocolate. 

Much sweeter than chocolate, by far! 

For when he’d appeared to 500 more friends 

His time here on earth came at last to an end, 

And up through the clouds in the sky Jesus went 

To sit at the right hand of God. 

“Now go tell my story,” he said to his friends. 

“Tell the world I’m alive and that shortly I’ll send 

My own Holy Spirit to fill them up when 

They believe and receive my love. 

“A new life for now, changed and forgiven. 

A new life for ever, that just keeps on living, 

Even after you die. It’s the gift I’ll be giving. 

The best Easter present of all!”