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MEETING AIM: To discover that God helps us to be brave and do his work, no matter how young we are. 

BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts 23:12-22 

BACKGROUND: This is just a small episode in the rollercoaster ride that is Acts, but it has big things it can teach our children about trusting God to keep us safe, being brave and never being too young to do God’s work. Sometimes children can be sidelined and not involved inactive work for God, but everyone has a role to play in telling the good news. 





Start your time together with some simple refreshments and chat about what your children have found exciting today (or yesterday, if you’re doing this in the morning). Can the children remember a time when they had to be brave in a scary situation? 



10 MINS 

You will need: play people, such as Playmobil or Duplo; building bricks 

Get out whatever construction toys you have and encourage your children to create buildings or structures to keep the people safe. As your children do so, continue your chat from ‘Starting out’ about being brave. When might your play people have to be brave? 

Carry on the play for as long as you have time, joining in if they invite you to. 



10 MINS 

You will need: Bible; The Big Bible Storybook (SPCK) or similar 

Find your Bible and show your children the book of Acts. Explain that the book of Acts tells the story of what Jesus’ friends did after he died and came alive again at Easter, and went back to heaven. 

Explain to your children that Paul was a friend of Jesus. Sometimes, when he travelled around, people got angry. They didn’t like it that Paul was telling everyone he met about Jesus. Paul got beaten up and even arrested! 

Show your children your Bible storybook. The Big Bible Storybook is ideal, but you could use another one that contains this story. If you have The Big Bible Storybook, read the story ‘Paul in danger’ from page 239, making sure everyone can see the pictures. 

Read the story again, but this time, ask your children to imagine that they are Paul’s nephew. What would they have done? Would they have been brave enough to go and tell the big important soldier about the danger Paul was in? 

Take turns in pretending to be the big important soldier and Paul’s nephew. Finally, ask how God kept Paul safe. Who did God use? 




Chat about the story using these questions: 

•What is your favourite part of the story? 

•How might Paul’s nephew have felt when he heard the news about the group of men? 

•Have you ever been brave, like Paul’s nephew? 

•Who helps you to be brave? 

•What do you think Paul’s nephew did next? 



10 MINS 

You will need: art materials; large sheets of paper; cover-up and clean-up equipment 

Get out whatever art materials you have in the house. Give everyone a large sheet of paper (A3 or larger – cut some old wallpaper if you have any). If you’re using messy art materials, make sure you cover up your children and wherever you’re doing this activity! 

Encourage your children to create a picture in response to what they have heard and thought about in the story today. The end result of what your children produce isn’t important here, rather the process they go through. Be ready to chat with your children if they would like to ask you questions or explain what they are doing, but don’t impose your own interpretations on what they have created. 




You will need: play people from ‘Play’ 

Share out the play people from ‘Play’. (Your children may wish to keep the same ones they had earlier or have different ones – make sure you solve any disputes that might arise over this!) Ask them to hold the people in their hands and think about a time when they have to be brave this week. This could be a birthday party cancelled, or having to stay at home when they don’t want to. After a moment invite your children to close their hands around the play people. Say that God keeps us safe, just as you’re keeping the play people safe. 

If you have any missionaries linked to your church, this would be a good time to help children discover more about them and pray for them. They may be in danger, like Paul, but your family can make a difference by asking God to keep them safe. Do the prayer activity again by imagining the play people are the missionaries. 

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