Here is a story for you to tell at home, perhaps at bedtime or as part of a God time during the day. You could also use it as part of a children’s session. To read some of Bob’s other stories, download our FREE ebook at youthandchildrens.work/stories

Watch out! Everyone looks around.

Beware! Everyone looks around again.

If you do good things just to impress people with your goodness… Everyone points to self and says in a smug voice: “Hey, everybody, look at how good I am!”

…then that’s all the reward you’re going to get. Everyone cries out: “Whaaaaat?”

Because your Father in heaven is not impressed with that, at all! Everyone cries out, even more loudly: “Whaaaaaaat?”

So when you give money to people who need it, don’t hire a trumpet player… Everybody makes a trumpet sound.

…to parade down the street in front of you, blowing his horn so folks will take notice of what you’re doing. Everybody shouts: “Look at her, everybody. See how generous she is!”

That’s what the hypocrites do, just so that people will praise them. Everybody bows and says in a humble tone: “Thank you. Thank you very much. It was nothing, really.”

And that praise from other people is all the reward they’ll get. Everybody says again: “Whaaaaaaaaat?”

So when you give money to people who need it, don’t let your left hand… Everybody holds up their left hand like a puppet and says to their right hand: “Whatcha doin’, right hand?”

…know what your right hand is doing. The right hand responds to left with: “None of your business, left hand!”

And that way, what you give will be a secret. Everybody goes: “Shhhh!”

And your Father, who sees every secret…Everybody goes: “Shhhh!” again.

…will reward you. Left hand and right hand say together: “OH, YEAH!”