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Whatever our age, worry can be a massive issue. Matthew 6:25- 34 is a passage that helps put our worry into perspective by encouraging us to trust God with our lives because he cares for us. The following crafts will help children engage with themes of provision, security in God and letting go of anything that worries us.



You will need: a roll of giant bubble wrap (with bubbles big enough to draw on); white paper; permanent markers

Bubble wrap is a huge favourite in any scenario, but it also serves a very useful purpose – protection – something we often feel we need when we are worried. This craft helps children think about individual worries and give them into God’s hands.

Roll out the bubble wrap so that a group of children can get around it, or give an individual piece to each child. Place the bubble wrap over a sheet of white paper, as this makes the pen easier to see. Ask the children to write or draw their worries onto the bubbles. Use the creative time to talk about who helps us when we are worried and what it means to trust someone (or God) to help us. If you want to go a step further when you have finished, get the children to pop each bubble as a sign of giving that worry to God!



You will need: tissue paper squares (15cm x 15cm); pieces of string 15cm long; Lego or Playmobil figures; pens Sometimes it’s hard to let go

of our worries, no matter how much people reassure us. Give each child a tissue paper square and ask them to write or draw something on it that they are worried about. Make small holes in each corner of the tissue paper squares. Knot one end of  a piece of string through each hole. Attach the other ends of  the string to your toy figure. Find a high spot (maybe the top of a stairwell or standing on top of a  chair) and drop the parachute.  

As you let go, picture giving that worry over to God.



You will need: pipe cleaners; Cheerios (or other hoop-shaped cereal); cardboard tubes; peanut butter; knives; bird seed

Matthew 6 talks about God’s care and provision for us, comparing it with the provision he makes for the birds of the air and the flowers  of the field. This craft is a reminder of what God gives, and can be a starting point for discussing with children what they worry about and what provision they would like from God. Be warned: it can get a bit messy, and if you are using peanut butter you will need to be very aware of any allergies!

Using a knife, coat the outside of the cardboard tube with peanut butter and then roll the tube in birdseed so that the seed completely covers the tube. Thread a pipe cleaner through the tube, as in the photo, so that it can be attached to a line or bird feeder in the garden. An alternative bird feeder if you don’t want to use peanut butter is to thread hoop-shaped cereal, such as Cheerios, onto a pipe cleaner.



You will need: A5 paper; wax crayons; watercolour paints; paintbrushes

This craft is a visual reminder that God is with us in our worries. Use a wax crayon to cover the paper with colour. When the paper is fully covered, screw it up into a ball. This is reminiscent of how it can feel when we are worried. Open the paper out and it will be covered with lots of creases, wrinkles and cracks. Take a contrasting watercolour and paint over the wax. The paint will get into all of the cracks and creases. As you do this, talk about how God is with us whatever worries we face. Say that we can invite him in and trust him with what makes us anxious.

MINA MUNNS is founder of Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry