Hereford Cathedral has launched a new children’s gaming app that allows kids to explore the history and heritage of the church.


Rapscallion’s Revenge, The Hoodlum of Hereford is designed to give children a new game while visiting and exploring the cathedral. It challenges Hereford’s younger visitors to solve riddles and help save the cathedral from being taken over by Lord Rapscallion, who is trying to secure his legacy by tricking famous cathedrals and cities into creating monuments and chapels in his honour.

Children have to reveal vital clues to stop him and help his brother, Brother Thomas.

The new app is available as a free trial by scanning a QR code as you enter the cathedral, or by downloading to a phone or tablet in advance of your visit. The game is available for Android and iOS; the full game can also be unlocked for £3.49.

Adrian Smith from Your Heritage Ltd, the company behind Rapscallion’s Revenge, started working on the project with Hereford Cathedral late in 2020.

Smith said he understood the need to balance heritage tourism and the difficulties of encouraging children to find adventure and stories during their visit.

Earlier this year, Hereford Cathedral launched a new escape room. The interactive game is based around and inspired by real events.