MEETING AIM: To discover that Caleb was brave and trusted in God, and that we can do so too. 

BIBLE PASSAGE: Numbers 13; 14:5-9,24 

BACKGROUND: The people have been travelling in the desert for a long time and God finally brings them to the land he has promised them. Moses sends spies into the land to see what it is like. Only two – Caleb and Joshua – see the opportunities. 

Caleb knows God is powerful and can be trusted. Younger children can often get frightened by new things, or by things that seem dangerous, difficult or differ- ent. Caleb’s faith in God can illustrate how much we can trust in God. 





Gather the children together and share out any refreshments you have brought with you. Chat together about what has happened this week. What events did they enjoy? Did anything make them sad this week? Chat about the scary events in life and who helps us to be brave. 




10 MINS 

You will need: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (Walker Books) or the video of Michael Rosen performing the story (see youthandchildrens. work/links) and the means to show it Read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, performing the actions all together. If you don’t have the book, but have the facilities to show a video, watch Michael Rosen perform the story. Join in with his actions. 

Ask the children how they would have felt in each situation. Would they have been scared? 




10 MINS  

You will need: Bible 

Explain that you’re going to hear a story about God’s people. Show the children the book of Numbers in the Bible. They had been travelling towards a new home that God had promised to give them. And now they were almost there. The leader of God’s people, Moses, sent twelve spies into the land to see what  it was like. Some of them were scared by what they saw. But two – Caleb and Joshua – knew that God would help them and keep them safe. Say that you’re going to pretend to be those spies! Tell this story-rhyme, encouraging the children to join in with some actions: 

We’re going into God’s land to see what it is like, 

There are twelve of us. We’re not scared! Creep around your space. 

Look, lots of hills! Point into the distance. 

We can’t go around them, we can’t go under them. 

We’ll have to go over them! 

Climb up, climb high. Pretend to climb. 

Run down the other side! Run around like you’re running down a hill. 

We’re going into God’s land to see what it is like, 

There are twelve of us. We’re not scared! Creep around your space. 

Look, lots of good things! Point into the distance. 

We can’t take a photo, we can’t paint a picture. 

We’ll have to take some with us! 

Chop, chop, chop, chop. Pretend to chop the branch of a tree. 

Tie the grapes on a pole! Mime picking up a large bunch of grapes and tying them on a pole. Pretend to carry the very heavy grapes. 

We’re coming back from God’s land, we’ve seen what it is like, 

We are scared! Ask some of the children to look scared. We’re not scared! Ask two children to look strong and brave. 

Look! It’s all too scary! Your scared children should carry on looking scared. 

We can’t go there! 

God will look after us! Your two brave children should mime telling the others this. 

We should go there! 




10 MINS 

Ask the children these questions, encouraging everyone to take turns in contributing: 

  • Why do you think some of the spies were scared? 
  • Why do you think Caleb and Joshua weren’t scared? What made them brave? 
  • What things in your life make you scared? Who makes you feel brave? 
  • What difference does it make to us to know that God is with us and helps us? 
  • What does this story tell you about God? And about us? 




10 MINS 

You will need: dressing-up clothes Show the children the dressing-up clothes and let them explore the Bible story through play. You might want to have some Old Testament style clothing and encourage the children to pretend  to be Caleb and Joshua. How would they themselves have explored the land God had promised his people? What would make them brave? 

Alternatively, have some modern-day dressing-up clothes and encourage the children to explore ideas around God being with them during scary times. Let the children guide the play and join in with the play as they wish. 





You will need: grapes, sliced in half Remind the children that the spies brought back some grapes from the land God had promised them, to show everyone how amazing the land was. Share around the grape halves and invite children to take a half and eat it. As they eat it, ask them to think about situations in their own lives which they are scared by. Invite them to talk to God about how they feel. Then say a prayer thanking God that he is with you all the time, even during the scary times. 

Sometimes it is hard for younger children to process and rationalise their fears, so be aware of this and work with parents and carers to help children. 


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