“Ah mate, I can’t believe your mum lets you get away with it!” “Yeah, if I did half the things you did, my dad would kill me!” 

Louis laughed. “Yeah, she is a bit of a pushover.” He knew that wasn’t really true. His mum had always been honest and fair. She’d punished him just as his mates’ parents had punished them. It’s  just that she’d always treated him like an adult and let him make   his own choices. 

Louis, Femi and Chloe were queuing to get into Manchesterford Rovers’ home game against local rivals Athletico. The £20-note his mum had given him to go towards new school shoes had instead gone on a ticket for the match. 

“How are you going to get those new shoes?” asked Femi. “Surely your mum will notice if you’re still wearing those knackered old boots next week.” 

“Don’t fret it mate,” said Louis. “She won’t mind, she never does.” “I can’t believe you,” Chloe said, giving Louis a playful punch. 

“Last week, I was five minutes late from dance class and my dad blew his top. I thought he was going to have a heart attack.” 

The three friends pushed their way through the turnstile and into the ground. It was a freezing February afternoon and Femi treated them all to hot chocolate. They made their way to their seats, their hands wrapped around their drinks. Suddenly, Louis’ phone pinged. It was his mum. 

“Have you gone to the game?” the message read. “No Y U think that?” he typed back. 

“I’m watching the local news. They’ve got a reporter at Manchesterford Stadium and you’re in the background. I can see you looking at your phone. Did you spend that £20 on the match?” 

“Mum, I’m sorry. I’ll be home straight after the game. I’ll buy the shoes out of my own money. Honest.” 

“OK, make sure you’re back by 5.30, you need to go to your Auntie Jean’s and help her shampoo her dog. Don’t be late, this is your last chance.” 

“No problem.” 

The game was amazing. It swung this way and that and finally Rovers won 3-2. As they were leaving, Chloe said: “Want to come to mine? My dad said I could have people around tonight.” 



Half an hour later, when Louis was halfway through a game of FIFA, his phone pinged again. It was his mum again. 





  • What words would you use to describe Louis? 
  • Do you think Louis’s mum did the right thing in letting him off so many times? Why? 
  • How easy is it to make the right decisions? Is it easier in some cases than in others? Why? 
  • Is this really the ‘last chance’ for Louis? What might his mum do next? 


This story is based on Luke 13:6-9. Read this passage to the group and compare Jesus’ story and words to this one. Discuss what Jesus might have been saying through his parable, encouraging   the group to think about it in a new way. 

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