When you speak out, our leaders listen. Our persecuted Christian sisters are being ignored. They need to be seen. So let’s do something that is visible, engaging and can’t be ignored. Get involved in a bit of craftivism and sign the Handmade Petition. You’ll need a piece of cloth that you can sign with your own name that will then be sewn with thousands of others into a huge banner that says "See. Change." This will be presented to the UK Government in November during a conference on preventing sexual violence in conflict, as a unified prayer and plea on behalf of our sisters.

Sign the handmade petition today to…

  • Bring an end to the silence that isolates persecuted Christian women
  • Ensure that our sisters are seen and recognised in UK government policy on sexual violence in conflict
  • Stand as a church in prayer and unity for these courageous women.

How to sign…

You can either pre-order a free pack here, or follow these

 simple instructions. Thank you for speaking up for your sisters.



1. Get yourself some white fabric

It can be patterned, plain, an old white T-shirt – whatever you like! Just try to find a material that isn’t too delicate. Cut it into a square so each side measures to 30cm. (Please try to keep to this size so your piece can be stitched into the final banner.)

2. Write the words ‘I see you’ on the piece of fabric

Let this be a prayer – that these women would not only be seen by the UK government, but seen by their cultures and communities too.

You can use these prayer points if you like. Pray that:

  • Governments would recognise the vulnerability of Christian women and this would be reflected in policy
  • Our persecuted sisters would be seen and valued by their communities, so they can fulfil their God-given potential
  • Where Christian women are deprived of basic needs such as food and shelter, that they would be provided for
  • Initiatives such as Open Doors trauma workshops and socio-economic development projects would be able to expand and reach more women.

3. Write your name…

Charity – who participated in an Open Doors trauma workshop in Nigeria – had never written her name before. She said: “I am so happy, I have never held a pen in my life before and it was the first time I have been able to write my name.”

God calls us all by name, he knows us. Many of these women are not seen and valued in the way they should be. As you write your name, thank God for your freedom, and perhaps ask him how you can support your sisters further.

4. Send your petition to us…

Pop your handmade petition in an envelope and send it to:

Open Doors UK & Ireland,
PO Box 6,
OX29 6WG

5. Thank you!

Huge thanks to you for speaking up for your sisters. Your support is restoring hope and dignity to persecuted women worldwide.

This blog was originally published by Open Doors Youth. Find out more of this and many of their other campaigns.