After the Day of Pentecost.

After the Holy Spirit came like wind and fire on the followers of Jesus.

After he gave them power to speak in languages they did not know.

After the crowd was amazed by all those languages.

After Peter explained to the crowd that this was Jesus’ doing.

After 3,000 of them were sorry they killed Jesus and were baptised.

After all of that, there were suddenly a whole lot more followers of Jesus. And this is what they did:

They committed themselves to listening to everything that the apostles had to teach them. Put your hand to your ear.

They made sure they got to know each other. They spent time with each other. They supported each other. Put your arm around someone next to you.

They made a point of eating together, and they remembered Jesus by sharing the bread and wine together, just like he’d asked. Pretend to break a chunk of bread and take a sip of wine.

And they devoted themselves to praying together too. Put your hands together.

And because of all that they were amazed by the awesome things that happened.

The apostles did all kinds of miracles that helped all kinds of people. Everyone shout: “Hooray!”

They looked out for each other. They didn’t treat their stuff like it was theirs alone. So, if one follower of Jesus needed something, then another follower of Jesus would sell something they owned to help them out. Everyone shout: “Hooray!”

And it wasn’t just a one-off something that happened now and then. No! Day after day, they worshipped at the temple and shared meals together and ate gladly and generously. They praised God and were praised by the people who came in contact with them.

So it’s no wonder that, day by day, many more people came to follow Jesus too. Everyone shout: “Hooray!”