This month we’re opening the book of Acts

All-age service

Explores the story of Peter and John (Acts 3).


RTU Parable

Takes the story of Stephen and friends being called to serve (Acts 6:1-15) and transposes it to a fundraising food stall in the parable, ‘Tonya and the terrible tuck shop’.


RTU Journal

Gives space for older children and younger teens to explore the idea of hearing Jesus speak through the story of Saul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-31) and discover the impact of this story on their lives.


RTU Craft 

Provides a craft idea to go alongside each of this month’s Together sessions. Use them in your groups, in intergenerational worship or in a craft club.


Story for home

Written especially for us by expert storyteller Bob Hartman, also follows the Together passages. This month, Bob helps children to think about what’s beautiful as he tells the tale of what happened next to the Beautiful Gate (Acts 3).


RTU Games

Lots of ideas for games to use at an end of term party or event. Whether you have lots of resources or none, there’s a game for you.


RTU Mentoring

Our mentoring expert, Joel Toombs, gives us the lowdown on a summer bingo activity we can do with mentees which we can use to support them through the holidays.


RTU Music

We’ve popped a tape into our Walkman, put on our Union Jack jumpsuit and are rocking out to ‘SPACE MAN’ by Sam Ryder. Royaume Uni douze points!


RTU Movie

Choose your side – Jets or Sharks – and dust off your dancing trousers for the new version of the classic musical West Side Story. Alongside it, we ask: who is your neighbour?

Supporting documents

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