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With older mentees

Discuss former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his nonviolent stand against racism in America (by kneeling for the national anthem). He rose from a very unprivileged position to one where he can influence millions. Compare it with the scandal surrounding movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, a rich white male who allegedly used his position to exploit and intimidate women.



Bring a Snakes and Ladders board and put several counters on the first square to represent different people. Include:

  • Yourself
  • Your mentee
  • A male city banker
  • A female, asylum-seeking, single parent in Glasgow

Read out the following statements, and for each ‘yes’ answer move the relevant counter(s) forward one square:

  • I grew up with a father figure present at homeI don’t feel panicky if I am alone in a lift with a male stranger
  • I am worried some people could be violent towards me because of my lifestyle choices
  • I have never considered crime in order to pay the bills
  • I have never suffered domestic or sexual abuse
  • I am not considered part of a minority group in this country
  • I do not have family in other countries who fear for their lives



  • Are there other privileges that were not mentioned?
  • If you start from near the back, can you still ‘win’ the race?
  • What experiences of injustice or bias do you have?
  • How much influence do you think you have?
  • If you are from a less privileged background, what should your attitude be?
  • If you are from a privileged background, what can you do, and how should you think and speak about it?
  • How does being ‘privileged’ differ from being ‘blessed’?


Show a video that uses a similar technique. Search ‘$100 to the winner of the race’ on YouTube.


Look at the Nativity story. As we approach Christmas, remember Joseph, Mary and Jesus fleeing to Egypt. They were asylum seekers from a poor, minority community in Roman-occupied Israel. Mary conceived as an unmarried girl and they both made radical religious claims!

Pray together for wisdom, empathy and the courage to overcome.