It’s the summertime and we’ve got you covered!

This month we have some great resources that you can use in conjunction with the above plans, or which you can send home to extend the discovery around the parable of the lost son.


RTU Craft

Four great ideas that you can include in your events or to use at a special summer craft afternoon or evening.


RTU Parable

Takes the story of the lost son and transposes it to a teenage rock band in the parable ‘Morgan and the missing bass riff’.


RTU Journal

Gives space for older children and teenagers to explore the story of the lost son and what that might mean to them.


Story for home

Written especially for us by expert storyteller Bob Hartman. Bob wonders what was going through the father’s mind as he waited for his son to come home. Why did he wait for the son to return, instead of going to look for him?

Supporting documents

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