READY TO USE PARABLE - Ryan and the rugby retaliation

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Ryan and the rugby retaliation


“Hey lads, look over there!”

Rugby practice abruptly stopped as the players turned to where Danny was pointing. Music was blaring out of the windows of the school hall, and the rugby team sniggered as they watched the cast of the upcoming school show, Hairspray, run through a dance routine.

“Oh man, look at them,” said Deepak.

“Is…is that Kwame?” asked Dean, peering at the dancing group.

“No way! Kwame?” said Darren.

“What’s Kwame doing with that lot?” asked Dave.

“He’s been hanging out with Kyle a lot recently,” said Deepak. “He’s into all that acting stuff. Maybe he’s infected Kwame with it.”

“Isn’t Kyle gay?” asked Darren.

“Gentlemen,” shouted Mr Nelson, the PE teacher. “If you would like to join the cast of Hairspray, be my guest. Otherwise, get back to practice. Come on, passing drills.”


Back in their uniforms, the rugby lads drifted out of the changing rooms, towards the canteen for lunch. They rounded a corner and ran straight into Kyle and Kwame.

“Oi-oi boys, it’s the cast of Strictly,” jeered Darren.

“What’re you doing with this lot, Kwame?” asked Danny, sneering at Kyle. “Thought you were a footballer?”

“What do you mean, ‘this lot’?” said Kyle, squaring up to Danny. Dean laughed at Kyle.

“You want some?” shouted Danny. He pushed Kyle, who fell backwards over his own school bag and landed with a thumped on the floor. Deepak and Dave cheered and they all bundled past Kwame into the canteen. All except Ryan, the rugby team’s star fly half.

Kwame knelt down next to Kyle. “I’m sorry, mate, don’t listen to them. They’re idiots.” He helped Kyle to his feet, then noticed that Ryan was still there, staring at them.

“What do you want?” hissed Kwame. He walked right up to Ryan and towered over him.

“Listen, I’m sorry about them. They’re just being stupid,” said Ryan quietly.

“What about you, fly boy? You stupid too?” Kwame was fuming. “You just watched while they had a go at Kyle.”

“I just thought–” Ryan was cut short by a push to his chest.

“No, Ryan. You didn’t think. You…” Kwame push him again. “Did…” Another push. “Nothing.”

Ryan stood there and took it, staring at the ground.

“I know.”

“Come on, Kyle,” said Kwame, turning around. “Let’s get out of here.”

“I’m sorry,” whispered Ryan. But no one heard.


Discussion questions

  • • If you were Ryan, what would you have done?
  • • If you were Kwame, what would you have done?
  • • What do you think happened next?
  • • Have you ever been in Kyle and Kwame’s situation? What happened?
  • • Have you ever been in Ryan’s situation? What happened?
  • • Have you ever acted like the other rugby players?
  • • Who’s in the right here? Is anyone? Why? Why not?

This story is based on Luke 6:27-36. Read this passage to the group and compare the story to this one. You may want to chat about the story using these questions:

• What do you think Jesus would have to say about this story?

• Can you identify anyone you might count as an enemy? What makes someone an enemy in your life?

• How easy is it to love your enemy? Have you ever tried to do it? What happened?

  • • What do you think verse 36 means? When was God merciful to you?



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