Use this story as part of a God-time at home, or as a bedtime story. It can also be used alongside this month’s Together sessions. The children should pretend to be the other Mary who goes to Jesus’ tomb, acting out all the part in bold.


You’re yawning.

Yes, I know it’s early. But look, the sun is peeping its head above the hills. At least we can see where we’re going.

And, yet, you tripped anyway!

Hold onto those spices.

Hold on tight. Don’t want to drop them.

I can see you wiping that tear from your eye. And, yeah, I’m sad too. We all are.

Jesus was our friend and now he’s gone. It’s the least we can do to put these spices on his body.

We’re nearly there. Though how we’re going to roll the stone away from the tomb I do not know.

You’re flexing your arm.

I get it. But I don’t think even you’re strong enough to move it.

Hang on. That’s the tomb over there. And someone has already rolled the stone away!

I can see that puzzled look on your face. I’m puzzled, too. Who moved it? And why?

Looks like the rest of the women are going into the tomb. Oh my! Guess we should follow them.


Yeah, I can see that shocked look on your face. Jesus’ body isn’t here!

But somebody else is! Look to your right! Two men all dazzling and bright!

They must be angels. They must have been sent by God. So bow down!

And now they’re speaking. And what a strange question. “Why are we looking among the dead for someone who is alive?”

You’re shrugging your shoulders. And, no, I don’t know either.

What’s that they’re saying now?

Jesus isn’t here? Because he’s risen? And he told us it would happen way back when we were in Galilee?

You’re shaking your head. You can hardly believe it. And neither can I. But the angels have told us. And the tomb is empty. It’s amazing!

And now it looks like everyone is leaving. We have to go back to the others. We have to tell them what we saw.

So we walk.

And we walk faster.

And now we’re running.

And who can blame us.

We have the most incredible news to share.

And, yes, you can shout hooray!


This story comes from Bob Hartman’s new book, Act-Along Bible, is published by Lion Children’s Books and is available now!