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Children and young people can leave us in despair and also have us in fits of laughter. Our NexGen team brings together experts in the world of parenting, people who’ve been through what you may be facing, and come out the other side! Real life stories, practical advice and support so you can reflect the love of Jesus in your everyday interactions with our next generation. 

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Benefits of adventure as a family


Your children may be addicted to digital screens, but Dawn Savidge believes it’s time they started to live a little!

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    Parenting your teenage children

    In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus turns to his followers and says: “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). The first picture Jesus uses to illustrate this is “a city on a hill” which has come to represent the Church. As we gather together as this community of ‘called-out ones’, which is what Church literally means, we are to be this light. The second picture is a “lamp on a stand”, whose job is to “give light to everyone in the house”.

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    I’m so tired

    “I’m feeling so awake today!” said no teenager ever. We all know the signs of tiredness: bags under the eyes, pallid skin, frequent headaches, dry lips, sugar cravings. And that’s just when we look at ourselves in the mirror!

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    Bun in the oven, Bible in hand

    The nine months before giving birth can be a great time of preparation. Children’s worker and mum of two Annie Willmot shares her thoughts…

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