• TwoCities

    A tale of two cities

    2022-06-30T09:06:00+01:00By Ian Spence, Frontier Youth Trust’s west of England activist, and Dave Joyce, Director of Bath YFC

    Have we minimised the ‘go into all the world’ command, to ‘go into my safe neighbourhood’? Ian Spence, Frontier Youth Trust’s west of England activist, and Dave Joyce, Director of Bath YFC, are taking Jesus at his word.

  • psalm27

    Only as happy as your unhappiest child? This Psalm reminds you to put your trust in God

    2022-06-15T08:26:00+01:00By , based in Worcester and a mum to four children

    How are you at ‘waiting’? The Psalmist tells us we need to learn to

  • quiet-time_article_image.jpg

    Helping our children be ‘quiet’


    In a world filled with noise, busyness and activity, how do we ensure that we prioritise quiet times with our children? Mother-of-five Alison Keddilty unpacks some common myths and offers helpful advice

  • FAH_LosingReligion_Header_v1_article_image.jpg

    Losing their religion

    2022-05-05T00:00:00+01:00By , Share Jesus International

    There is silence as the new Christian takes to the platform. Their story begins with a search for meaning, purpose and love. There are twists and turns. Their life story seems desperate and the congre­gation sits in rapt attention. And then suddenly there is a turning point in the story.

  • bible-boy_article_image.jpg

    Children aren’t reading the Bible. What can we do about it?


    The Guardian found out that only half of young children are read to daily. With the Bible a key guide to Christians, Fiona Lloyd asks how we can encourage our little people to read.

  • pexels-keira-burton-6147136

    How do we help our teens acknowledge their faith when Christianity is seen as uncool?


    Are we realistically expecting our teens to stand out as Christians in the classroom? 

  • FFRituals_Unique_Head_article_image.jpg

    Forming faith rituals: You’re unique


    Have you ever thought about how unique your family is? Not just the individual members, but the way you are as a group? What three words would you use to describe your family?

  • taking_flight_article_image.jpg

    Taking flight: Four tips for developing faith in our children


    I remember the moment I left the hospital lobby carrying this tiny baby. I was sure someone was going to stop me. I was with my wife carrying our daughter out of the ward and I felt that we were complete imposters. We had this tiny life in our arms and yet we had no idea what to do as parents. We felt completely unqualified.

  • FAH-Easter_Header_article_image.jpg

    How to unpack the Easter story with children


    The Easter story can be a difficult one for children. Ed Drew shares a few thoughts about how to explore it together at home

  • josue-michel-McJI-4Pxe5I-unsplash

    Passing on a life of prayer


    Encouraging faith to develop at home can be a tricky experience. Victoria Beech, gives us some pointers to explore praying as a family.

  • commentB_main_article_image.jpg

    Passing on the faith


    Theos, a leading Christian think tank, has released some significant research about the hows and whys of parents passing on faith to their children. 

  • church-youth_article_image.jpg

    It takes a whole church to raise a child


    Despite two decades of unparalleled investment in youth ministry, the figures show that the Church is still haemorrhaging young people. Krish Kandiah explains where we’ve been going wrong, and why youth work can’t be left to youth workers.