Premier NexGen editor Andy Peck discovers that the collective wisdom of Christian parents carries an unexpected punch


We asked a panel of christian parents to give their advice on the best way to be a Christian parent. (You can find more advice here)

This is what they said.

Being a Christian parent means modelling Christ-like behaviour and values for your children. It means teaching your children about God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation through Jesus Christ. Here are some suggestions to help you become a good Christian parent:

1. Set a Godly example: Children learn from what they see, so it is important to model Christ-like behavior in your actions and words. You can do this by being honest, loving, forgiving, and serving others.

2. Teach and study the Bible: Reading and studying the Bible with your children is an important way to help them understand God’s love and plan for their lives. You can also use devotions and Bible studies to help your children grow in their faith.

3. Pray together: Praying with your children can help them develop a personal relationship with God and learn to trust in Him. You can also teach them to pray for others and to ask for forgiveness.

4. Attend Church: Attending church as a family is an excellent way to be part of a Christian community and to worship God together.

5. Encourage Christian behaviour: Help your children to develop Christ-like virtues such as love, kindness, patience, and forgiveness. Teach them to treat others as they would like to be treated.

6. Discipline with love: Use discipline as an opportunity to teach your children about God’s love and the importance of obeying His commands. Show them love and forgiveness even when they make mistakes.

Remember that being a Christian parent is not about being perfect, but about relying on God’s grace and guidance as you raise your children.

This was the advice. But full disclosure I need to tell you that the ’panel’ came via ChatGPT - an AI (artificial intelligence) software. The advice was given in less than 60 seconds, and that is exactly what it said.

I typed in ’the best way to be a Christian Parent’ and the software searched the advice of Christian parents ’google like’ and gave the above six points.

So, I didn’t lie in the intro. It was just that the panel of Christian parents was ‘virtual’.

How do you think it did?!

If the piece had been submitted by a parent offering this as an article I would have asked them to give a few stories and examples, but few would argue with the basic message. Bible Study, prayer, church and wise self-talk - all seem pretty sensible, and from AI. 

Is this the future?

ChatGPT (it stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a freely available AI tool that currently has 100 million users. There is an excellent longer article by Chris Goswami  in our sister publication, Premier Christianity if you are interested in finding out more. The article highlights how education is likely to be affected, and you may be hoping that your children don’t log on and use it for homework and essay writing! Thankfully some teachers are happy to acknowledge the benefits as a research tool, and for suggesting outlines, and think it may dovetail with learning on how to ask good questions, evaluate answers and interrogate texts.

But most would say that it could be a ‘game changer’ going forward with the similar kind of information revolution that came when widespread use of the Internet was enjoyed en masse. 

Just as ‘The Internet’ is no substitute for live in person teaching on the Bible, so such software cannot be commissioning the excellent material that is needed for a vibrant website like Premier NexGen. At least that’s what I am telling my boss…. And thankfully no robot will be able to parent your children anytime soon, even if the idea is attractive to you…. But have another look at the six pointers and see how you are doing? God may just want to use them as a prompt.