Andy Peck has been getting his calculator out to assess which films reviews had the most clicks in 2023


There was two thirds of million views of articles on the Premier NexGen site in 2023 and a good chunk of those were parents (and maybe children?) anxious to check out films for their children. The results are in and here are the top 10 reviews as clicked on by you the browsing audience! How many have you seen or know about?! 

1. Till - facing an ugly truth. How should Christian families respond? 

2. Christian parents beware. Disney’s Bunk’d isn’t great. But it might be helpful as a conversation starter

3. Bluey may be popular but my child’s behaviour has gone downhill. As a Christian parent what should I do?

4. Is the series ‘Wednesday’ a blessing to Christian teens?

5.  5 movies to watch at Easter - alternative films to explore the Easter story with your children

6. Choosing films for your kids. Why ‘Lightyear’ and the ‘gay kiss’ makes you stop and think

7. Barbie doesn’t like men. Don’t take your kids to see it

8. Is the Stranger Things series suitable viewing for Christian teens?

9. Shazam! Fury of the Gods: A film whose positive portrayal of family life will delight Christian parents

10. M3GAN: Is this sci-fi horror film suitable viewing for Christian teens?

The precise number of clicks for each film is of course a trade secret. But bear in mind that the top film review had three times the clicks of the bottom one and was only just outside the top 10 of all the articles clicked on in 2023 across the whole range of topics.

As we soon enter 2024. Happy viewing, and more importantly, happy conversations.