What kind of articles are christian parents interested in? Andy Peck has been looking at the Premier NexGen stats


During 2023 two thirds of a million people have viewed articles on the Premier NexGen website and it is fascinating to see what people look at.

Here are the articles, in case you missed them and some comments about why they are so popular.

1. Elemental may look like a sweet film but has ’elements’ that mean this is a ’no’ for Christian kids

Let’s face it we love it when somoene doesnt like a film, and though in general we review films and series that are suitable, there are times when reviewers say: ‘hang on a minute!’ and Kate spotted things no one else would have spotted. Her new age background gave her a particular insight into the parts of the film that spoke to the godless beliefs that shaped the content. That said, having such a high position in a years’ viewings is something of a surprise. I have met Christian parents very comfy about showing it to their kids. 

2. Will my muslim friend go to hell? 

These are tough questions which cross the minds of many Christians and move from the theoretical to the personal when we know someone who is of a faith different from Christianity. This has been consistently in our top 10 since Ruth Jackson wrote this for Youth and Children’s Work magazine. Remind yourself what she said and see if you agree with her.

3. What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

The science v faith debate remains alive, and however long we remind people that there is no conflict (all truth is God’s truth; early scientists were often men of faith) people are still curious and dinosaurs spark the imagination. Does the Bible cover this period? It’s no surprise that many people are fascinated to find out 

4. Naked in front of the class. That was me and here’s why the Channel 4 series Naked Education is not welcome

Maybe this popularity is to do with those wierd dreams of being naked somewhere?! But on this occasion Kate had modelled in her pre-Christian days and so what better than a ‘this is what it was like for me’ story! But there is also a serious point about this kind of show on Channel 4 which Kate warns us about. 

5. Top five children’s worship songs you need to know

A great way of easily bringing faith into your home is to play worship songs and so it’s no surprise that people want to know which ones to go for. Indeed, we commissioned a more up to date version because this was so popular!

6. Big question: do ghosts exist?

We all read or heard ghost stoires growing up and may be telling these kinds of stories with our children. But are they real? How might they fit into a biblical understanding of the world, not least because of course old translations of the Bible speak of the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost. No surprise thatb this should reach the top ten.

7. What to say if a young person comes out in conversation to you?

It’s quite normal for a parent to wonder how their child might view their sexuality, but hard to know how you might respond if they question who they are attracted to. This article promises to give you assistance and indeed delivers. The author faced the issue as a same-sex attracted young man and opts to take what he believes to be a biblical view. 

8. Holy Trinity Brompton’s new vicar Archie Coates is grateful for the start his parents gave him.

We love the good news stories of how wise Christian parenting leads to someone growing in their faith and so it was great to hear someone leading a prominent church speak so beautifully of the way his parents modelled faithfulness. People are keen to hear stories of people who are key leaders and Archie’s relatively recent new role made him of interest to many. 

9. Should you remove your children from classes where an LGBTI agenda is being promoted 

Christian parents are having to work out what to think and say about sexuality and gender when so many question the legitimacy of the Christian ethic. It’s no surprise that so many are interested to see what someone believes is the right response as they think through how they navigate the issue and seek to be faithful to Christ as well as be wise and winsome alongside non believing fellow parents and in schools which has this kind of agenda.

10. The verse in Proverbs that has scared a generation of parents. How to understand it and learn from it?

Some may have simply clicked on this headline to find out what the verse is! But hopefully when they see that it is the ’train up a child in the way he should go’ verse ([Prov. 22:6) they stayed with it. The point is that too many have become discouraged, when their children show little signs of discipleship and assume that  this must be because they did a poor job. They may have done of course(!), but that’s not what the verse is saying. Proverbs are not ‘laws’ suggesting strict cause and affect but wise sayings giving us what will generally happen. By and large many who are trained in God’s ways, will stick with it, praise God. By all means reflect soberly on your own parenting, but don’t beat yourself up!

So there’s the top ten. I wonder what yours were?