• Sex Ed Netflix

    Sex Education


    Amanda Porter suspects your teens may well be watching but suggests they really shouldnt be

  • The Society Netflix

    The Society


    It’s an innocuous sounding title, isn’t this series as bland as it sounds? 

  • 2GYXY9P

    Squid Game


    When a series goes ’viral’ you sit up and notice. But that doesnt mean your children should be watching

  • Creeped Out

    Creeped Out


    Horror and Sci-fi for children. Surely not?!

  • 13 Reasons Why Netflix

    13 Reasons Why


    Bad language and suicide - should you leave well alone?

  • bradley_walsh_and_son_breaking_dad_ep1_01

    Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad


    A series featuring a Dad and his son. Isn’t that a bit corny? 

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events

    A Series of Unfortunate Events


    Can an off the wall series be of value for children? 

  • 2DC75B4

    Anne with an E


    How does the re-make of an old series stack up? 

  • Avatar - The Last Airbender

    Avatar: The Last Airbender


    Adult themes in a children’s series. How does that work? 

  • Peanuts



    A popular series before nut allergies were a thing. Is it still valuable? 

  • Duck Tales

    Duck Tales


    Can a series that was around in the 80s still pack a punch?

  • alexander-dummer-UH-xs-FizTk-unsplash_article_image.jpg

    Keeping the kids entertained: a list of top Christian media


    Keeping children and young people entertained with tech may feel like a cop out – but now we’re in isolation, it’s only natural that we will be relying on our TVs, smartphones and gaming consoles for entertainment.

  • netflix-messiah_article_image.png

    Making sense of Netflix’s Messiah


    Have you ever thought about what the Second Coming would actually look like? Other than what the Bible had told me: darkness will rule the earth, Jesus will come to judge and thus will follow a thousand-year kingdom of peace on earth – it t was something I hadn’t considered deeply until this week when I binge-watched Netflix’s latest venture, Messiah, a crime drama about a charismatic man dubbed ‘Al-Masih’, which literally translates to ‘the anointed one’.

  • culture_article_image.jpg

    Netflix's 13 reasons why


    Imagine being able to tell everyone in your life exactly what you think of them, exactly how they’ve hurt you, without any consequences. The only catch is that you’re dead. This is the premise of 13 reasons why, Netflix’s latest binge-worthy show: a 13-episode suicide note to a teenage girl’s friends and classmates, outlining their role in her decision to end her life. Originally hyped as a smart, important look at mental health and the social issues affecting teenagers, upon release the show attracted criticism for its ‘triggering’ impact, its overly realistic depiction of sexual assault and suicide, and negative portrayals of counselling or other forms of support. So what do we do with it? Ignore it? Watch it with our young people? Something between?

  • dec_culture_article_image.jpg

    Black Mirror


    How far would you go to stop people knowing your darkest secrets? What if virtual reality played on your deepest fears? Could you imagine a world where we’re rated the whole time? How would people react if they knew what you really thought? Who wants to live forever? What if your very worse moments got shared with the rest of the world? Black Mirror is back to answer all these questions, and more…