Jess Lester

Jess Lester

Jess Lester is deputy editor of Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine. 

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    Keeping the kids entertained: a list of top Christian media


    Keeping children and young people entertained with tech may feel like a cop out – but now we’re in isolation, it’s only natural that we will be relying on our TVs, smartphones and gaming consoles for entertainment.

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    Wash your hand(held devices) - top tips for cleaning tech


    Children and young people know the importance of washing their hands – I know we’ve been singing Happy Birthday a lot in our house, at least – but did you know that we could be spreading germs with our technology?  

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    Making sense of Netflix’s Messiah


    Have you ever thought about what the Second Coming would actually look like? Other than what the Bible had told me: darkness will rule the earth, Jesus will come to judge and thus will follow a thousand-year kingdom of peace on earth – it t was something I hadn’t considered deeply until this week when I binge-watched Netflix’s latest venture, Messiah, a crime drama about a charismatic man dubbed ‘Al-Masih’, which literally translates to ‘the anointed one’.