Premier NexGen is an online hub providing support and reassurance to anyone invested in the faith of the next generation.

Have you ever been stumped by a difficult question from a child?

Or you’re not sure about the latest film or Netflix series – does it promote un-Christian messages?

Maybe you’re looking for guidance in supporting a child through an issue like bullying, unsettled sleep, or eating disorders.

We’re by your side to give you guidance, suggestions and advice, so you can feel confident in navigating these issues with the young people that you know. 

Whether you’re working with youth at church, or you nurture the next generation as a parent, grandparent, carer or guardian, you can mine our resources to find the answers that you need, when you need them. 

What we do

We create resources, research issues and collate information in one place so that you can find insights on-demand. Here’s a brief synopsis of the help you’ll find on Premier NexGen:

Reviews: of popular movies, TV series and computer games. If there’s a new show on Netflix or a new film out in the cinema, you can read a review from a Christian point of view about the themes and messages it contains. You’ll find advice on how to talk about it with your child and perhaps discuss how it might link to faith.

Parenting stories: reflecting the ups and downs of daily life. Reassurance that real life isn’t an Instagram reel. There’s usually a deeper story behind the surface level conversations you might have over coffee at the end of church, and those authentic stories are told here.

Help: to guide you in an issue that your child may be struggling with. You’ll find articles on a variety of faith and wellbeing issues, including anxiety and self-esteem.

Answers to awkward questions: Children often pipe up with tricky questions such as “Why did God put the snake in the garden?” or “Will my pet go to heaven?” Have a look at our answers from an expert to help you provide a satisfactory answer.

Articles on topical issues: looking at education, relationships, family, health, culture, technology. These may be issues that are linked to daily news cycle, or topical issues within the church.

NexGen Pro

If you’re looking for resources for your children’s or youth ministry, you need NexGen Pro.

Next Gen Pro helps you share Christian truths, unpack Bible stories, and provoke discussion for young people as they navigate life. We aim for all of our resources to be relevant, digestible and user-friendly. They’re tailored to different ages and genders and presented in dynamic, multi-media formats to make them as accessible as possible.

The journey so far…

Premier has a long history of investing in youth. In fact, developing the faith of the next generation was one of Premier’s objectives at its inception.

Over the years, we’ve created programmes on our radio stations that speak directly to young people. Even more prominently, we’ve been serving youth through our magazines.

First there was Premier Youthwork magazine, which was quickly followed by Premier Childrenswork. These magazines merged into our current offering, Premier Youth and Children’s Work (YCW). Each of these publications has blessed thousands of people working with youth across the UK.

In order to adapt to better serve our audience, the magazine became a digital only product in 2020. It’s now available via an app as part of NexGen Pro, to reflect the ways in which our audience engages with material now.

In this way, we’re evolving our ministry to better serve today’s young people and build the faith of the next generation.