• Hotel Transylvania 4

    Hotel Transylvania 4 – Transformania


    If there’s a ’4’ at the end of a film title, does it mean it must be good, or inevitably worse than the first three? 

  • Spiderman No Way Home

    Spiderman No Way Home


    Spiderman has got to be a winner, right?! 

  • Eternals



    The title sounds like there may be some ’spiritual value, but is there? 

  • 2H4P4GE



    It’s Disney, you can always trust Disney can’t you?! 

  • BlueStory_Header_article_image.jpg

    Blue Story


    Gang film Blue Story hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last month when a brawl broke out between knife-wielding young people at a screening in Birmingham. Tim Sledge, director of fundraising at XLP – a charity aiming to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds – shares why he thinks every youth worker should see the film.

  • Lionking_article_image.jpg

    The Lion King


     Heather Riley loved the remake of the Disney classic. But she asks if The Lion King has become too scary to be a kids’ movie

  • YCW-July_Culture_Header_article_image.jpg

    The Lion King


    The Lion King was originally released in 1994, shaping emotional and spiritual landscapes for thousands of children and teens. 

  • BlackPanther_Header_April18_article_image.jpg

    Black Panther


    Another superhero movie is hardly news, but Black Panther is having a huge impact globally, including on our children and young people.

  • beautyandthebeast_article_image.jpg

    Beauty and the Beast - should I take my kids?

    2017-03-20T00:00:00+00:00By Martin Saunders is the Director of Satellites, a new youth event helping young people to put God at the centre of their lives. His new book We Are Satellites, is out now, published by SPCK.

    It’s a tale as old as time. In March, news emerged that Disney’s live-action remake of majestic 90s animation Beauty and the Beast features a gay character and the studio’s “first exclusively gay moment”, and immediately a host of Christian voices loudly raised their objections.

  • Deadpool_Blog_1920x856_article_image.jpg



    Deadpool is sweary, rude, sexually-saturated and incredibly violent. Young people are going to love it. To be honest, I did too. That’s the problem.

  • culture-avengers-main_article_image.jpg



    You can barely walk down the street without tripping over a super hero these days. We all know the feeling of getting home and finding Spider-Man on the bottom of our shoe or one of the Fantastic Four in our bag – they’re everywhere.