Dawn Savidge thinks there are some good reasons to stay well clear of this 

The Society Netflix

Source: Netflix

Rating: 15

Other connected films/TV series: Lord of the Flies

Running time, or each episode length: 60 minutes

Genre: Dark, suspenseful teen thriller

Overview: Bus loads of teenagers leave their small town for a camping trip. When a storm forces them to return home, they arrive to find all the people have gone and they are not connected to any other part of the world.

What you liked:

I struggled to find anything that I liked about this series.

What you didn’t like:

The bad language for me is unnecessary to the point where I wanted to turn it off.

Thoughts for parents:

It is rated as a 15, however, one of the first scenes that was shown was oral sex which did make me squirm whilst watching with my teenage boys. The acting is not great. The language is appalling (and I watch a lot of 18 rated films). The storyline is quite predictable. Overall, we just did not enjoy The Society. It did make us reflect on the western world. After the inevitable chaos from teenagers suddenly having no adult supervision, they try to create order and set up their own society. That idea of a fair and just world where people are heard and included. It was interesting that they went back to an inherent society that they knew and that made them feel safe, rather than creating a new structure. It talked about the importance of a democratic society but also touched upon the unfairness of power, popularity and money. One of the best quotes was ‘you can’t trust anyone, all you can do is have an advantage’. From a faith perspective there are always conversations that can be had around the unequal power dynamic in society and how Jesus came and turned that all upside down, coming to serve not be served. Netflix did not film season 2 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there are no future plans to film another one.

Star rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Star rating:   

5 stars: Thoroughly recommend 4 stars: Recommend 3 stars: Recommend with reservations 2 stars: Possibly not appropriate 1 star: Don’t watch