Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson is a producer and youth specialist for Premier Christian Radio's Unbelievable? programme & podcast and a keen musical theatre fan.

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    Q & A: Ishmael


    Ishmael has spent the last 50 years writing more than 400 songs and sharing the good news of Jesus with children.  He’s authored eleven books and is now a deacon at Chichester Cathedral. Editor Ruth Jackson spoke to him about prioritising children, all-age services and clinging to God through suffering. 

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    Q&A: Francine Rivers


    Francine Rivers is a multi-award-winning author. She spoke to Ruth Jackson about coming back to church through the influence of a child, the art of storytelling and how to cover difficult topics with young people 

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    Who made the devil?

    How would you answer this question? 

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    Will my pet go to heaven?


    “What happens when Susan my sausage dog dies?”

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    If God forgives, can I do whatever I want?


    “If Easter tells us that God forgives everything, can I just do whatever I want and then say sorry?”

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    Q&A: Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi

    Ruth Jackson: What was your experience of God as a child?Ore Ogunbiyi: As a young kid living in England I had lots of little Christian books from my auntie and grandma. My mum would take us to a church down the road. But when I moved to Nigeria, I went ...

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    Q&A: Ben Woodman


    Ben Woodman was a youth pastor in Canada for ten years before joining the Alpha Youth team. He is one of the hosts for the Alpha Youth Series and heads up Alpha Youth globally. Ben spoke with editor Ruth Jackson about young people and evangelism

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    Q&A: David Bennett


    As a teenager David Bennett was a gay rights activist. At 19 he encountered the Holy Spirit in a gay bar. David spoke to editor Ruth Jackson about how the Church can support gay young people

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    Resources for answering tough questions


    Kids can throw us the hardest questions and knowing a good, biblical answer can be tricky. If you want to swat up a bit then here’s a few places to start. 

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    Q&A: Hannah Bourazza


    Hannah Bourazza is chief safeguarding officer at youth charity XLP and heads up their mentoring project. She tragically lost her son Nathaniel to knife crime six years ago. Hannah shared of some her story with editor Ruth Jackson.

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    Q&A: Guvna B


    Multi-award-winning rap artist Guvna B released an album earlier this year that speaks honestly about his grief following his father’s death. Editor Ruth Jackson spoke to Guvna about faith, vulnerability and hope 

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    Q&A Paul Kerensa


    Award-winning comedian Paul Kerensa has written for TV shows such as Miranda, Not Going Out and Top Gear. Editor Ruth Jackson spoke to him about faith, comedy and writing children’s books

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    Why it’s OK to entertain your kids with screens


    As the summer holidays begin, former Blue Peter presenter and mum of two Helen Skelton talks about why it’s so important to take a break and how electronic devices can help. 

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    Q&A: Wayne Jacobs


    Ruth Jackson spoke to former premiership footballer Wayne Jacobs about finding God, being a parent and starting One In A Million

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    Did Jesus really rise from the dead?


    It’s hard to scientifically prove whether Jesus rose from the dead. But, like in a law court, eyewitnesses play an important part in helping us figure out what actually happened. 

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    What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?

    Mentions of God’s creation appear at various points thoughout the Bible but the main place where we read about this is in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Genesis doesn’t talk about dinosaurs roaming the earth. But then neither does it mention cats, penguins or squirrels!

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    Do miracles happen?


    Miracles are hard to get our heads around, but if we believe in God it shouldn’t be too difficult to also believe in miracles. 

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    Q&A: Tim Chaddick


    Tim Chaddick and his wife Lindsey moved to the UK from California with their three daughters to set up Reality Church London. Editor Ruth Jackson spoke to Tim about family life, church planting and evangelism

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    Q&A: Kenda Creasy Dean


    Editor Ruth Jackson chatted to Kenda Creasy Dean, an ordained United Methodist pastor and professor of youth, church and culture at Princeton Theological Seminary. Kenda has written numerous books, including Almost Christian: What the Faith of our Teenagers is Telling the American Church

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    Does God need suntan lotion?


    This question asks if God is like us. Does God struggle with the things we struggle with?

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