Youth and Children’s Work:

Free online apologetic articles and videos aimed at young people and those working with them 



Reboot is an annual youth apologetics conference. Their website contains helpful short videos.




The Road:

This provides in-depth and relevant explanations of what Christians believe and why


Out of the Question:

This is a series of animations to get young people thinking. It’s particularly good with young teenagers and older children. 


Be Thinking:

This is an initiative of student ministry UCCF. You can search for content via person or subject

These podcasts cover a range of different topics and are less than 40 mins long 


Believer vs nonbeliever debate available as a podcast – some are quite complicated so may not always work for youth but they offer a lot of depth and a range of different views



For youth workers:

Apologetics For A New Generation – General Editor Sean McDowell

Sticky Faith, Youthworker Edition – Dr Kara E Powell, Brad M Griffin and Dr Cheryl A Craford

You Lost Me and UnChristian – David Kinnaman

General apologetics:

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism – Tim Keller

Addresses the frequent doubts that sceptics and non-believers bring to religion

What Kind of God – Michael Ots

Ten honest responses to common questions about God


Beyond Opinion compiled by Ravi Zacharias

A helpful tool for exploring different challenges to the faith – it looks at everything from other religions, science and suffering


But is It Real – Amy Orr Ewing

Subjects range from other religions to evil and hell

Tricky – Michael Dormandy and Carl Laferton

Covers topics including suffering, sexuality and science. Specifically aimed at teenagers

Tactics – Greg Koukl

A helpful guide to communicating the gospel, particularly by using questions

Corner Conversations – Randy Newman.

Eavesdrops on important hot-button conversations


Popologetics – Ted Turnau.

Why Christian approaches often fail and how to engage 


The Bible:

Why Trust the Bible - Amy Orr-Ewing

This is a great place to start


Soul Survivor Youth Bible

It has over 500 extra bits from the team, young people and other experts, this digs deep into the Bible – its key themes, the big stories that run all the way through, the wisdom, stories and human lives that we can learn from

New Atheism:

Gunning for God – Prof John Lennox

He tackles atheist arguments and provides proof for many different elements of the Christian faith


Why God won’t go away– Rev Dr Alister McGrath

Like John Lennox’s book above, this challenges some of the key atheist arguments while providing helpful pointers to Christianity


Jesus/ Resurrection:

The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel

A former atheist set out to disprove the resurrection but was so overwhelmed by the evidence he became a Christian. There is a student edition of this


King’s Cross – Tim Keller

This book takes a deep and thought-provoking look at the life of Christ. Drawing from Mark’s gospel, he explains how Jesus’ identity as king and his purpose in dying on the cross have meaning and significance on a cosmic scale as well as individually


Other religions/ Islam:

Seeking Allah, finding Jesus – Nabeel Quereshi

This fantastic apologist tells the fascinating story of his journey from Islam to Christianity


Jesus Among Other Gods – Ravi Zacharias

Each chapter considers a unique claim that Jesus made and then contrasts the truth of Jesus with the founders of other religions. Ravi Zacharias also shares his personal journey from despair and meaninglessness to his discovery of Jesus



Why – Sharon Dirckx

Weaving theological questions about suffering with personal stories


God On Mute – Pete Grieg

This book deals with the issue of unanswered prayer



A War of Loves: The unexpected story of a gay activist discovering Jesus – David Bennett

The powerful story of a gay teen coming to faith and working out what that meant for his sexuality


Love Is An Orientation – Andrew Marin

This charts the conversation between Christianity and the LGBT+ community so the focus is moved from genetics to gospel, where it really belongs


Is God Anti-Gay? – Sam Alberry

A practical and sensitive exploration of the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality from a same sex attracted celibate vicar


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