ARTIST: Jax Jones featuring Ella Henderson 





We all have, within us, a deep yearning to belong. This song celebrates finding that place, and this session explores what it means for us to find the place we truly belong, in Jesus. 

Begin the session by asking the group to think about what it means to belong. You could start by talking about what it means to belong to this group. How do you know when you belong somewhere? How does that make you feel? 




Play the track, providing copies of the lyrics for the young people to follow, as appropriate. As a group, discuss: 

•How do you feel about this song? 

•Can you relate to the singer’s experience? 

•When have you most felt like this? 

•Why does belonging matter? 

Explain that this song is a celebration of finding somewhere we belong. In this song, this is in the context of a relationship. For all of us, belonging matters, and we will all have had different experiences of belonging, or perhaps of longing to really belong somewhere where we may feel excluded. You may want to create a space where this can be discussed further. 

Turn to the Bible and ask someone to read Isaiah 43:1 (depending on your group, you may wish to read more of the chapter). You may need to explain some of the context to the verse, explaining that this reading is a direct message from God to his people, reminding them that he had called them by name and they belong to him. Explain that the same is true for us today; we are called, known and loved by God and we can ‘belong’ to him. 

As a group, discuss: 

•How does it feel to know that you can belong to God? 

•What does this mean to you, in your life? 

Group members may respond to this differently, depending on where they are at in their journey with God, so create space to explore some of the issues. As you draw the session to a close, you may want to pray together, celebrating what it means for us to belong to God. Alternatively, you may find it more appropriate to offer to pray for individuals, for the issues raised by this session and that they would find their place to belong in Jesus. 

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