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Bible passage: Acts 3

Key verse: Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk” (Acts 3:6). 10


10 minutes


You will need: autumn leaves (or ones cut from paper); strips of paper; marker pens; staplers

As people arrive, give out the leaves and pens and encourage them to write their names on their leaf. Then encourage them to gather in small groups (this could be in families or just as they arrive – make sure people on their own are included). Give each group a strip of paper and stapler. They should staple their leaves to the paper strip and loop it round to form a crown. Staple the paper strip to itself and then admire the crown together. Thank God for who he is, and that he is the one you all follow.


You will need: The Message Bible; hula hoop; key shapes cut from card; string

Read Psalm 100 in The Message. Say that a password is like a key that gives us access to things. In Psalm 100 the password into God’s presence is ‘thank you’. It’s the key that gives us access.

Use a large plastic hula hoop to make a ‘keyring’. Give everyone a cardboard cutout of a key and a piece of string. Invite people to write or draw their ‘password prayers’ onto their key and then use the string to attach the key onto the hoop.

Play soft music and stand around the hoop. Everyone chooses a key (not necessarily their own) and prays the password prayer from that key.


10 minutes

You will need: cameras or smartphones; any relevant props; horn or buzzer

Split into smaller groups with each having a camera or smartphone. Explain that you are going to make a selfie story. Within each group, choose people to be John, Peter, Larry (the man who couldn’t walk) and the crowd. Provide props if possible. Read the story from the front and at each ‘selfie moment’ within the story sound a horn or buzzer and each group takes a selfie. At the end, groups can go back through the photos and story together.

Peter and John were going to the temple to pray. They went every day with lots of other people. Sound the selfie horn!

While they were walking they passed a man who couldn’t walk who was sitting on the floor outside the temple begging for money. We’ll call him Larry. Selfie horn.

“Pleeeaaase!” shouted Larry. “Can anyone spare any money?”

Larry begged every day, and all the people were used to seeing him. When Peter saw Larry he called over to him.

“Hey, over here!” shouted Peter.

Larry held his breath. Was someone going to give him some money? He was so hungry, and because he couldn’t walk he couldn’t work to earn any money. He had to rely on others. He only wanted a small amount.

Peter and John walked over to Larry. Peter patted his pockets. Selfie horn.

“I haven’t got any silver or gold to give you,” he explained to Larry, “but I’ll give you what I do have.”

Larry was disappointed. There wasn’t anything better than money.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, get up off the floor and walk.”

Larry stared up at Peter. Selfie horn.

He knew Peter believed in this Jesus.

He tried to stretch out his leg. It moved. He stared at it and then stretched out the other. It moved too. Selfie horn.

He couldn’t believe it. His legs had never moved before. He placed his feet on the ground and began to heave himself up. He wobbled and steadied himself. He was standing! He’d never stood before! Selfie horn.

He put one foot in front of the other, and then again and again! He was walking! Selfie horn.

He tried a little jump! He tried a bigger jump! He leapt high into the sky! Selfie horn.

“Jesus has healed me!” he shouted. “Praise Jesus! He’s healed me!”

Larry skipped, danced and jumped around while everyone else looked on. Selfie horn.

Jesus had healed Larry and given him far more than the money he was hoping for. The people who had seen Larry on the floor begging day after day cheered. Selfie horn.


10 minutes


You will need: selfies from ‘Story’; the sentences below printed on paper

Look again through your group’s selfie story. Which selfie best sums up how you are feeling right now?

Give these sentences to each person, encouraging adults to support younger children with this. Tick the boxes that apply or fill in the ‘other’ section, then share with another person and pray together.

I am:

  • Asking God for something but can’t see any answers.
  • Disappointed with the answer I’m getting. Giving to other people.
  • Trying to give something I haven’t got.
  • Being given something I wasn’t expecting.
  • Watching in wonder as the answer is better than I expected. Other…

You will need: different household objects eg keys, rope, stationery, saucepans, coins, tape measure, soap; reflective music and the means to play it; paper and pens

Lay out the household objects in your meeting space. Play the music and invite people to choose an object that they feel reflects best how they can respond to this story. For example, a rope might represent the fact that they feel God is hanging on to them, a tape measure might show that they feel God’s grace for them is immeasurable. Once they have chosen an object they can draw the item or write their response to God to take home and remember.


10 minutes

Divide into mixed-aged groups and discuss these questions:

  • Which character are you most like and why?
  • How do you think the man felt when Peter didn’t give him any money?
  • Talk about a time you’ve asked God for something but been given something different. How did it feel?
  • How can we be God’s answer to other people’s prayers?
  • What changes will you make after responding to this story?  

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