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    Your children need you to play video games


    Headlines about the dangers of video games may not be so prevalent, but most parents are nervous about the content of games and the time spent on them. Youth and Children’s Work Game Boy columnist, Andy Robertson, suggests the answer may be to play video games yourself. Yes really.

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    Keeping the kids entertained: a list of top Christian media


    Keeping children and young people entertained with tech may feel like a cop out – but now we’re in isolation, it’s only natural that we will be relying on our TVs, smartphones and gaming consoles for entertainment.

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    Games: Races


    Children and young people can become extremely competitive in team-based situations and, while in some circumstances this can be unhelpful, it can help to create great memories and result in an enjoyable session. Try out some of the races below in teams. You could even put on your own ‘Games’ and give out medals for each event!

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    If you have listened to any conversation with tweens recently, you’ve probably heard the name Fortnite bandied about. The trending game is proving as popular as fidget spinners and flossing (dancing not dental), after being downloaded more than 40 million times since the launch of its popular extension Fortnite: Battle Royale in September 2017. But what is all the fuss about? And should we worry about the game’s impact on our children and young people?

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    Games: Reconnecting games


    After the Christmas break, it’s good to help children reconnect with each other in their groups. Here are some games to help!

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    Faith at home

    Finding God through gaming


    With around 32.4 million people in the UK playing video games, how can we engage our children and young people with this popular medium? Alastair Jones is on hand to help

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    The Axis of Good and Evil - Video games


    This month, we look at video games. So, those in the top right will be worth a play, those bottom left, less so.

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    Pokémon Go


    Here are some genuine news stories you may have missed: Two men in California were so busy playing Pokémon Go that they fell off a 90ft cliff. Level 23 Pokémon Go accounts are selling for $5,000 on eBay. A wanted criminal was arrested in ...

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    Little Gamers


    Smart phones and tablets have placed gaming at the centre of our society. You don’t need to spend long on public transport to see someone playing ‘angry birds’ or ‘2048’, but what does this mean for our children? Are video games evil or could they help child development? Dr Bex Lewis investigates…