Q: Why do we have eyelids?
A: Easy, so we can close them and go to sleep. They also help with protecting your eyes from dust and dryness and things, but mainly, it's the sleep.

Q: Why am I shouting?
A: Honestly, if you don’t know that then what hope do I have?

Q: Why am I called Elsa?
A: You’re not, you’re called Miriam. You just introduce yourself as Elsa to everyone you meet. Apparently you would rather live alone in a freezing castle with only a snowman for a friend than with us. On a side note, if you could stop doing that it would be great. It’s getting old.

Q: Why are we watching The Little Mermaid?
A: Because you have asked me at least 40 times since this morning if we could watch The Little Mermaid whilst wearing your mermaid costume and brushing your hair with a fork and I’ve finally caved. Plus I wanted 90 minutes peace and it seemed the easiest way to achieve it.

Q: Why are you doing the washing?
A: Because I have two children. I am constantly doing washing. Just call it my favourite pastime (not).

Q: Why don’t I like carrots?
A: You do like carrots don’t you? Please say you do. You liked them yesterday and so I’ve planned the whole meal around that. Please like carrots.

Q: Why is Baby Anna eating that thing off the floor?
A: (shouted from a different room in the house) What? What is she eating? Can you stop her please? Don’t just put your finger in her mouth though…Never mind. I’m coming.

So maybe I don’t always give the best answers but I hope my girl carries on asking questions. Because if kids are encouraged to question the little things now maybe they will go on to ask the world-changing questions later.

Kate Pecher is a part-time midwife and full-time mum.