Just a few days after the release, I heard the song being blasted out on a rival football team's speakers in their changing room. To say I was shocked was an understatement as it was a massive departure from the type of music I'm used to hearing in that environment. Though the rest of the album's themes are not always in keeping with the themes explored on 'Blinded By Your Grace', hopefully it will make people think about God's goodness in their lives.

The amount of transparency that artists are showing in their music is refreshing. When it comes to artists exploring Christian themes, we often now talk about ‘journeys’, ultimately knowing that change does not come overnight. The Christian life is a process - one which is started by the gospel becoming central to all aspects of your life. For that reason, change is one of the most important components. It’s impossible to meet with Jesus and stay the same.

Hitting number one with your first album is a massive achievement for any artist, but to do so as an independent rapper is unprecedented.

Stormzy has gained massive popularity in mainstream UK culture as well as inside the younger generation within the Church. So does this mean that we will see a shift towards more rappers talking about their faith in their music? Stormzy is a maverick. His music is an avenue for him to say whatever he feels, for better or for worse. While rap music is usually shaped by life experience, both the good and the bad, not many have the boldness to do what he has done. He may have opened the door for a lot more to walk through. Let’s hope and pray that as these artists continue to be open with their faith, they're also open to the change that we are all in need of.