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Talking points…

  • Watch this video at
  • Why do you think we are still using dirty fossil fuels?
  • How might we, as churches and households, be part of a move to clean energy?

What are children and young people in your church talking about? This generation will change the world.

They’re savvy creators, globally connected, with a heart for their global neighbours. Your job as youth and children’s workers is more important than ever.


Know the facts…

  • Burning fossil fuels like coal and gas is a major contributor to climate change, which is hitting the poorest communities in the world hardest.
  • Climate change causes an increase in extreme weather patterns leading to more floods and droughts, meaning families in places like Malawi can’t produce enough food to eat.
  • An alternative exists which is clean and affordable.


Here are some ideas

Ask your church council to consider switching your building’s supplier to 100 per cent clean energy.

It’s an easy and effective way to love our global neighbours and be part of a better tomorrow. Find out more at

Sources - facts: UN, chart: Google Trends