You will need: dry branches or big twigs; coloured wool; buttons; pipe cleaners; beads; paint; feathers; PVA glue; glitter; coloured nail varnish

This craft helps children think about their own part as a branch connected to Jesus’ vine. What are they like as disciples? What does their fruit look like?

Ask children to choose a twig and use the assembled materials to decorate it in a way that expresses their relationship with Jesus and what they are like as people.

What would they like others to see about their journey with Jesus? Be prepared for some incredibly deep responses and leave time for children to share what they have done if they would like to.


You will need: a few metal or plastic colanders (ones with holes rather than slits work best); pipe cleaners; coloured buttons

This craft concentrates on the idea of remaining in Jesus and being branches connected to him as the pipe cleaners are woven in and become part of the structure.

Encourage children to experiment with making ‘branches’ by attaching and weaving pipe cleaners in and out of the colanders. They might want to decorate their pipe cleaners with buttons as a sign of ‘fruit’. As they are creating, use the opportunity to open up a conversation about branches and what it means to be connected to a vine or tree (or Jesus!)

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