You will need: empty bottle; vinegar; bicarbonate of soda; balloon; teaspoon; marker pens

Again, this is a craft that explores the idea of God seeing what is inside David – his potential – rather than what others see on the outside.

Fill the bottle halfway with vinegar. ‘Hide’ a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in the balloon (some children might need a little help with this bit!). Fix the balloon to the neck of the bottle, letting the balloon hang down. Lift the balloon up and let the bicarb fall into the bottle.

The reaction between the vinegar and the bicarb will inflate the balloon. This can open up conversations about how we often have gifts hidden inside us (like the bicarbonate of soda in the balloon) that only God can see. Give the children an opportunity to celebrate their hidden gifts. They may then want to decorate their balloons with words or pictures relating to those gifts.

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