I kicked off the week with a meeting. There are five of us in my placement church who go into local schools around Worcester to coach children and young people. We shared the highlights and challenges that coaching brings and planned an end-of-year celebration. With exams fast approaching I spent the rest of the day revising Twelfth Night.


Every month I have training as part of my year with Youth for Christ, so today I hopped on a train to Stourbridge to meet with the rest of the group. We were taught about different faith groups and how to have good dialogue. This was followed by dinner, worship, getting into small groups to work on our Keys to Freedom course, then bed!



Do you take time to assess how you are doing in your role?

How are you honing your skills and developing new ones?

Is there any training that would be beneficial to you? 


We all woke at 6am, had a quick breakfast and devotions, then went to Birmingham. We spent the day visiting a gurdwara, a mosque and a Sikh temple. We asked questions, watched a ceremony, tried new food and learnt a lot before heading back home.

Some weeks I see real progress. Other weeks are tough


Today I worked a six-hour shift in a little but mighty toy shop, replenishing shelves, chatting to customers and serving on the till. I then did an hour of Philosophy revision before FaceTiming a friend.


I spent my morning in the company of highlighters, spider diagrams and textbooks for more revision. In the afternoon I went to a local school to coach a young person. Some weeks I see real progress. We have chats and a laugh; we play games and do activities. Other weeks are tough. My evening was spent at Lightbox, a new youth café in Worcester. I had a great conversation with a group of 12-year-old girls. Later I had a conversation with an 18-year-old about all things drugs, alcohol, sexuality and tattoos!


A day off! My family and I had a wander around Bridgnorth, walking to our favourite little café at the top of the cliff and sitting in the sun with a cream tea.

A day off

Are you taking time off from your busy schedule?

What are the most effective ways for you to recharge your batteries?

Are there things you need to put in place to ensure you protect your sabbath rest? 


After the blessing of a lie-in, my family and I drove to our church in Halesowen. Like many others, I spend a lot of my week feeding other people, so it was great to have an hour or so to go deep into worship and be fed myself during the sermon. In the afternoon I sat in the sun with family who were visiting from Nottingham before going to the cathedral for a Pentecost service. I was serving on a Lightbox stand, asking people to pray for us and the young people who come. The service was incredible! It was so inspiring to see Christians from so many different backgrounds and denominations all with a common love for Jesus.

Be fed myself

How are you being fed?

In what ways are you prioritizing spending time with God?

Are there people around you who can help shoulder your burdens and pray for you?

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