Chloe’s dad knocked on the door.

“Chloe? Can I come in?”

Chloe sat up in bed. It was Saturday morning. What could he possibly want this early?

She rubbed her eyes. “What is it?”

Her dad popped his head around the door.

“I need some help in the garden today. I want to lay the patio and I won’t get it done on my own. Can you give me a hand?”

Chloe couldn’t believe her ears. “You woke me up for that?”

“I’ll give you 20 quid.”

Chloe was just about to shout “No!” very loudly when she remembered the boots she wanted to buy. With 20 quid she could go and get them that after­noon.

“OK, give me ten minutes.”

Chloe stood up and leant on her spade. The patio was looking good. Her dad had bought lots of broken bits of paving and they were slotting them together like a jigsaw. It was actually kind of fun, even though she would never tell her dad that.

Just then, she heard the front door slam and her stepmum yelling about closing doors quietly.

“That must be your sister,” said her dad, “I wonder if she can help us. We’ll be finished sooner if she can.”

He disappeared inside and a couple of minutes later came out with Sophie, Chloe’s sister.

“Grab that paving slab, Soph, and drop it in this gap.”

Even though Sophie got on her nerves, Chloe had to admit that it was good to work together on something.

Not long afterwards, the three of them sat on the wall and looked at their handi­work.

“It looks amazing,” said Dad. “Thanks for all your help, girls. I couldn’t have done it without you. And here’s your money. You earned it!”

Chloe smiled as her dad gave her a £20 note. Those boots were hers! But then her dad pulled another £20 note out of his wallet and gave it to Sophie. She couldn’t believe it!

“Hang on, Sophie only did an hour’s work. Why does she get £20?”


Ask the young people these questions:

  • If you were Chloe, what would you do next?
  • Why do you think their dad paid both his daughters the same amount?
  • Was Chloe unfairly treated? Why? Why not?
  • If this story is a parable, what might the story really be about?

This story is based on Matthew 20:1-16. Read the passage with the group and compare it with this one. Discuss what Jesus might be saying through the story. Try not to validate ‘right’ answers, but encourage the young people to think differently about this parable.