Target throw painting


You will need: a long roll of paper (lining paper is ideal); marker pens; water-based paints; Blu-tack or sticky tape; cotton wool balls; large serving spoons; clean-up and cover-up equipment

This is a messy painting activity which is much better done outside if possible! Use the idea of throwing the paint to help children to explore the skill David would have needed in his match against Goliath.

Use the marker pen to draw a giant on a long piece of paper. If possible, make him nine feet tall! Tape the giant to a wall and lay a covering underneath him. Make sure that you tape pieces of paper either side of him as well, in case your children don’t have good aim! Get children to dip a cotton wool ball in paint and use a serving spoon to launch it at the giant. Let younger children stand closer to the wall than older children, so everyone gets a fair shot. The paint left behind will both create a messy artwork and also show how the children might have fared themselves against Goliath!

Fizzy power


You will need: food colouring; white vinegar; bicarbonate of soda; spoons; clear plastic cups; jugs; clean-up and cover-up equipment

David was small but packed a lot of power. Creating an eruption using a small amount of bicarbonate of soda helps to emphasise this point.

Use jugs to fill the plastic cups around half full of clear vinegar and get children to colour it with some food colouring. Ask each child to add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to their cup and watch the explosion! Use the explosion to open up discussion about small things having a lot of power in certain circumstances and David having unexpected power with God at his side.

Matchbox personality


You will need: matchboxes; paper; card; felt-tip pens; glue; scissors; small items that children can use to help reflect their personalities eg Lego pieces, badges

David was a child who, with the help of God, had more skill and courage than he was given credit for from what people saw on the outside. This craft helps children to explore the skills, talents and personalities God has given them.

Give each child a matchbox and ask them to create an inside to the box that reflects their personality. They might want to fill it with pictures of things they are good at, words that reflect them, tiny pictures of their favourite things, colours they like. From the outside the matchbox will look small and insignificant, but when opened, a true idea of who the person is and who God has made will be seen. Use the opportunity to chat with the children about who God has created them to be. Don’t forget to give children time to share what they have made.

Catapult construction


You will need: lolly sticks; crisp tubes; pegs; elastic bands; sticky tape; spoons; straws; string; card; paper; scissors; glue; pompoms

David had the skill to throw stones accurately at his opponent. Here is a challenge to see who can create the best throwing equipment!

This craft can be done in pairs, teams or individually, and is a chance for real exploration and experimentation. Present the children with the collection of items and ask them to make a catapult that will throw a pompom. When the children have all made something, hold a competition to see whose construction will throw the furthest and / or the highest.