Annie Wilmott

Annie Wilmott is mum to two boys, works as a funeral pastor, writer and for a local charity. She has written a book about parenting called Cold Cups of Tea and Hiding in the Loo and blogs over at

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    Talking about the tough stuff


    There’s been a lot of difficult subjects to tackle with our children and young people in recent months. Annie Wilmot, a funeral pastor, author and mum-of-two, revealed how we can talk to our children about the tough stuff.

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    Faith at home

    I don’t know. And it’s OK.


    Annie Willmot shares some advice and encouragement for anyone who feels like they’re blagging their way through parenting 

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    Faith at home

    Bun in the oven, Bible in hand


    The nine months before giving birth can be a great time of preparation. Children’s worker and mum of two Annie Willmot shares her thoughts…