As he approached the street where the concert venue was, he could hear the music clearly: the beat of the bass, the crash of the drums, the thrash of the guitar. It was all there. This was going to be a night made in thrash-metal heaven. Or hell, depending on how hardcore you wanted to be.

The bouncers on the door looked suspiciously at him, but when he produced his ID (name: Elliott Taylor; age: 23) they let him in. He ducked into the toilets, before the bouncers asked for a closer look at his ‘driving licence’ and almost fell over a figure, slumped against the wash basin. Kieron stopped and stared. The lad was almost his mirror image - same hair, same jeans, same T-shirt - but had a deep cut across his eye and was clutching his side in pain. He’d obviously been in a fight.

He knew he ought to help, but if he did, he’d miss the start of the gig. And if he went back to the bouncers, they might twig how old he was. He stood and dithered. The lad groaned and tried to grasp Kieron’s hand.

Without a word, Kieron left.

Discussion questions

This is a partial retelling of the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Young people may have been in similar situations and might be able to identify with Kieron. Use the following questions to help young people explore this further:

  • What do you think of Kieron’s actions in not helping? What about his reasons?
  • Introduce the idea of loving your neighbour as you love yourself. Who was Kieron’s neighbour in the story?
  • What kind of person might have helped the lad in the toilets?
  • If you were in Kieron’s situation, what would you have done? What might stop you from helping?

Who are your neighbours? Do you help them when they need it? Or, like Kieron, do you leave them to it?